7 most rewatchable action movies

Top 7 Most Rewatchable Action Movies

Not everyone loves a romantic comedy-drama to watch on weekend eves. Some need a grinding, savage and furious action movie to call it a day. Action movies are always blood-boiling and consist of hot fights and fast-moving plots.

Hollywood is immensely loaded with jaw-dropping explosions, chases, and filthy fights. Some movies from the Hollywood catalogue still strike the brain cells. Thus your brain cells beg you to watch them again.

Online streamings such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have the best services for you to watch action movies on the go. I have made this top 7 list of the most rewatchable action movies you can watch online. Go through the short reviews and pick the best one for your weekend.

1. The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall was released in 2021, and Jaymes Samuel directed it. This movie is absolutely perfect for witnessing great fights and clashes between two gangs.

The Harder They Fall is available on Netflix, and It is full of harsh actions and will not let down your choice. American-west storyline gives you a punch of revenge when the actor starts looking for the murderer of his parents.

2. 6 Underground

With 83 million views, 6 Underground marked its name as the most-watched action movie. The movie was released in late 2019 and is still on the wishlist of many.

In great action, a group of six fought with their unique skills to get their desired goal. A billionaire hired 6 impressive skillful individuals to attain his goal. His final goal is to take down the ruthless dictator. Surprising deaths and shocking clashes between them are all you need in any action movie.

3. Spencer Confidential

Release of 2020, Spencer Confidential is all over the internet for showcasing a murder conspiracy. Peter Berg directed this action-thriller, and you can also watch this hit on Netflix. I can watch this movie every month without getting drilled.

The story starts with the brutal killing of two police officers. Crime scenes, underworld matters, and fights are its show-stealers. An ex-police officer jumps into the field with his talented roommate to hunt down the killer.

4. Birds of Prey

A Harley Quinn movie, Birds of prey, was released in the US in 2020 anis directed by Cathy Yan. One of the biggest hits of the year, perfectly fitted action scenes, and a strong plot is all because of Harley’s acting skills.

The movie is based on a stream-line where the Joker ditched Harley so bad. She stumbled on her own and made a girl’s army. To achieve this girl’s super army project and to escort an innocent girl, she faced severe difficulties as the gangs in the country knew Harley’s strength and would not want her to get on her feet again.

5. Jiu-Jitsu

A serious action movie linked to an alien battle was released at the end of 2020 and directed by Dimitri Logothetis. Jiu-jitsu is about finding out how to kill aliens and save the planet.

A group f fighters that belong to jiu-jitsu gathers every six years and saves humanity from the invading aliens. From gaining strength to finally cracking down on the weakness of that creature, this movie is a great watch for all action movie bingers.

6. The Wandering Earth

A science-fiction plus action movie, “The Wandering Earth,” was released in early 2019. Director Frant Gwo worked impeccably to make it a hit blockbuster and achieved his goal.

“The Wandering Earth,” the movie name itself, reveals the motive. The plot revolves around a scientific contrivance to blow away earth from its orbit. The scheme is to make a high human survival when the sun dries out.

7. Steel Rain

One of the most popular Korean war Movies is “Steel Rain.” It was released in the mid of 2020 and directed by Woo Seok Yang. If you want to fix your eyes on a flawless action film, Do not miss it.

South Korea and North Korea are two different nations, and they don’t allow each other in any form. But Steel Rain is the face of a North Korean army leader who risks his life to save South Korea from a war that is about to begin.

A real K-movies lover can re-watch this movie hundreds of times and still not get bored.


So now you have the most thrilling action movies list, which you can binge on loop. Wait no more; pick any of them to stream this weekend, and treat your hunger with a fight-clash masterpiece. All the movies are available on Netflix.com.

You can also add them to your downloads and watch offline on a long-tiring bus journey. Action movies will hit your brain cells with high energies. Boost your energy levels, and don’t forget to write us a review.

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