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A Detailed Guide To Thorough After-Care After Cataract Surgery

After you have undergone cataract surgery on one of your eyes, whether or not you will be booking in again for the other eye as well, there are more than a few strict rules to adhere to in terms of after-care that will ensure that your eye recovers fully and quickly.

With that being said, here, for your information, is a detailed guide to thorough after-care after undergoing cataract surgery.

Eye Drops

After the actual surgery, which usually takes a maximum of thirty minutes, you will have been taken to rest in a private room where you were able to regain your senses and essentially ‘come to’. Although you will have been awake for the operation, you may well have felt slightly groggy due to the anesthesia that you were given for the surface of your eye both before and during the surgery.

After you have rested, the nurse will run through the specific after-care directions with you, and one of the most prominent and altogether vital instructions that you must absolutely adhere to is that of the application of prescribed eye drops.

Usually, you are required to put drops in your eye six times a day for the first week, five times a day for the second week, and so on. It is likely that your after-care schedule will be entirely different than a friend or family member who had the same surgical procedure.

Physical Restrictions

There are also several restrictions to your physical exercise and daily movements, which are again absolutely vital to adhere to in their entirety.

During the recovery time, which as previously mentioned will be between three and six weeks, it is important not to bend down, so your head is parallel with the floor and equally as important to not be in a situation where there are high levels of dust particles and to avoid cleaning and dusting wherever possible.

Additionally, you should not engage in any heavy-lifting, and you should absolutely avoid gardening in any shape or form.

Rest, Rest & More Rest

The importance of resting as much as possible, especially during the first two weeks after your cataract operation, should never be underestimated.

Rest your eyes by not attempting to read vociferously, wear sunglasses (not prescribed) when walking around the home and outside if the light is hurting your eyes, and avoid wearing make-up, specifically on and around your eyes, for the entirety of the recovery period.

Additionally, after cataract surgery, get as much sleep as you can, even if this amount of sleep is far more than you usually require or indeed like to have.


Generally, although remember every single patient is different, nurses usually say there should be absolutely no driving attempted for a full forty-eight hours after the surgery.

After such a time, try driving around the block for small periods of time to see how you feel and whether or not your eyes are straining or not.

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