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7 Ways Athletes Maintain Their Body Physique

When you’re an athlete, your main goal is winning your sport’s championships and top medals. You’ll need to build your body physique to achieve this feat, which usually takes a lot of hard work, determination, effort, and patience.

If you already have your goal body physique, it’s time to maintain it. Maintaining the body physique you’ve built throughout the years of training is critical for every athlete’s journey. It can make or break an athlete’s career. That’s why it takes a lot of commitment and discipline.

For starters, here are seven effective ways of maintaining the body physique an athlete has built.

1. Focus on Dynamic Exercises

Utilizing dynamic exercises that simulate movement is the optimal choice over isolated and compound exercises to achieve your athletic performance and physique. This type of exercise focuses on functional movement. It will hit major movers while using fewer muscles to build all-over strength.

In addition, reading the pre-workout guide when doing dynamic exercises bulletproofs your joints and prevents injuries. It also ensures that your gains through this exercise are built upon and maintained in athletic training and athletic performances.

2. Combines Weight Training and High-Intensity Cardio

In order to have and maintain an athlete’s body physique, you must include weightlifting regimens and high-intensity cardio routines. This will ramp up the calorie burning you’ll experience during and post-workout.

Numerous research has also pointed out that cardio ensures that you’re not gaining any new fat. You’re just maintaining body composition. It also enables you to build lean muscles that make exercising more manageable, making maintaining body physique much easier.

3. Remember the Athlete’s Diet

It’s critical that you always remember the athlete’s diet. Your energy should come from 45% to 65% carbohydrates, 15% to 25% protein, and 20% to 35% fat. The exact amount of carbohydrates and protein is based on the grams intake per kilogram of a person’s body weight.

Eat Enough Carbs

Since carbohydrates are the main energy provider that your body burns during exercise and physical activities, you’ll need to consume enough of them every day. This is important since maintaining your body physique entails consistently doing high-intensity cardio routines, weight lifting, and dynamic exercises. All these exercises burn energy fast, and you’ll need carbohydrates to supply that energy.

Spread Out Protein 

To add lean muscle mass, you must spread out your protein intake. It improves your muscle-building and weight-losing ability. The amount you need depends on your size and the type of exercise you do. Eggs, beans, fish and meat are good sources of protein.

4. Listen to the Body

Professional athletes tell fellow and emerging ones that you must always listen to your body. If you don’t listen, you’ll be less likely to change your lifestyle and physical activities. This could be dangerous, especially if your body isn’t 100% healthy for the extraneous activities you’re doing.

5. Always Stay Hydrated

You’ll sweat a lot when you’re doing physical activities and exercises. This means that it’s essential that you drink enough water before, during, and after these activities so that you’ll not be dehydrated. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll likely be very weak for a few days, affecting the maintenance schedule you have for your athletic body physique.

In order to determine the hydration needed, you need to check your weights before and after workouts. If you lost weight, drink an additional 16 ounces of water next exercise. If you gain weight, drink a little less fluid. This helps maintain your body physique since you’re healthy and ready to do physical activities.

6. Rest and Recover

Resting and recovering are highly encouraged if you always work hard and do many rigorous exercises and physical activities. You need to take every necessary measure that will preserve the body physique you’ve built.

Taking time to rest and recover is crucial. Your muscles also get sore and overworked. It’s prudent that you don’t push it too far because you could be injured. You don’t want to waste everything you’ve worked hard for just because of an injury caused by a lack of rest and recovery time.

7. Get Enough Sleep

You can’t properly maintain your athletic body physique if you don’t have enough sleep. Enough sleep means your body’s battery is fully recharged and pumped to do the necessary exercises.

Moreover, it also enhances your athletic performance. You’re also maintaining your good health, which is essential when you’re about to compete. Your body physique will go to waste if you’re sick and unable to participate in the athletic competitions you’re joining.

Final Thoughts

It’s not impossible to achieve any athlete’s dream body physique. If you work hard for it, you’ll have a big chance of achieving it. Maintaining it is another process that most athletes struggle with. It entails strict discipline, full commitment, and proper guidance from fellow athletes’ experience and science-backed data.

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