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8 Bag Styles That Are Trending This Autumn/Winter

In the UK, it feels as if our summer never actually began. Now, we’re talking about autumn. Seems a bit premature, doesn’t it? Well, autumn is coming fast and it’s always a good idea to be ahead of the trends before the nights get darker and the leaves turn brown.

1. Slouchy clutch bag

This summer we’ve seen pillow bags become all the rage. Now, as we move through the seasons, we’re seeing a slight change to that trend. Enter – the slouchy clutch bag. It’s been seen on the runway for a couple of A/W shows now, from Gabriella Hearst to Fendi, we think that this bag will be a staple in your wardrobe this autumn.

Brown leather comes back in every single winter season and has done for years. So it’s pretty likely that A/W 2021 will be no different. Slouchy clutch bags in colours such as brown, cream and black could make for a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

2. Messenger and satchel-style bags

Most assume that messenger and satchel bags are kind of old-fashioned now. There’s new ways to carry things practically, for example, the tote bag. However, the preppy style is making a comeback, and messenger bags are back in fashion. Practicality is key this winter, and we must say we are pretty glad. The tiny Jacquemus Chiquito bags aren’t cutting it anymore.

Finally, we can fit our hand sanitiser, phone and purse in one bag. Look for a messenger bag with exterior pockets to give a plain messenger bag and added twist.

3. Shearling bags

Fendi’s furry baguette bag really started this trend, and it has been fashionable ever since. A furry baguette or crossbody bag is perfect for the winter months and can look so chic with a leather trench coat or bomber jacket. It’s a style of bag that definitely has the wow factor, and if bought in a versatile colour like brown or black, can make the perfect winter accessory.

4. Suede bags

It’s a fabric that comes back in fashion every single autumn and winter. It’s reliable, suede will always be. There are so many shades of brown suede to choose from; think chestnut brown all the way to dark brown. Bags like the Saint Laurent Loulou medium bag in Y-Quilted suede work really well for the winter months. Suede isn’t the most practical material as it can easily get stained by rain or snow, but what’s trending sometimes does lack practicality – that’s fashion!

5. Metal frame bags

This style of bag hasn’t been on trend for a while now and like the messenger bag, is a more traditional-looking bag. However, they do look extremely glamorous and lady-like, especially if bought in a classic material like leather. Designers have focused on giving this style of bag a 21st-century edge by bringing the same bag back in, in many different shapes.

6. Phone bags

We mentioned how larger bags are making a comeback, and smaller bags might be left in the summer months. However, some designers have compromised on that and have adapted that into a new creation – the phone bag.

The phone bag, as the name suggests, is a rectangle-shaped bag that is just big enough to fit your phone in, and maybe a face mask too if you’re lucky. Usually, these bags are worn crossbody, and we can see this on bags like the Chanel mini flap bag and the Louis Vuitton vertical zippy wallet Métis.

7. Chain bags

Chain bags have been extremely popular this summer, and there’s not much chance of this slowing down anytime soon. Initially made popular by the Bottega Veneta chain cassette bag, this style of bag has been popping up through both high street and designer stores. The Zara replica was extremely popular this summer. A simple quilted bag in a bright colour, with a heavy chain shoulder strap, can add an edge to a basic outfit.

8. Textured bags

We’ve already spoken about fur bags, but now we’re onto textured bags. We’re talking woven knit and distressed bags. This style of bag is a great addition to an outfit if you’re looking to add dimension to it. We think that these will be all the rage.

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