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7 Bags Every Woman Needs in Her Life

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of bag choices out there, that is understandable. When there are so many varieties of a single product, it is difficult to know which one you need and which you don’t. Bags are an essential item. They are not only practical, but they add a certain style flair to an outfit as well. So, whether you are a parent searching for the perfect companion for day trips or a single lady searching for the answers about bag ownership, this guide is for all women everywhere that need to know which bags to buy for their collections.

1. An Everyday Bag

Having a reliable everyday bag is one of the best things you will ever do for yourself. They help you stay organised, complement your style, and generally make life easier. Depending on what you need, for example, if you have kids or a work laptop to carry around, these are different for everyone. Ideally, it should be big enough to carry a phone, purse, and other essentials like a power charger or cosmetic items too. It should be strong and durable too because it will be in high use on a regular basis.

2. A Weekend Bag

Every woman needs a reliable weekend bag for those nights away. If you travel for work, or spend nights around the world with a social group or partner, it is far more practical to have a weekend bag to call upon than having to rely on a suitcase for the smaller adventures. A well-designed leather weekender is a perfect addition to any collection that you never knew you needed.

3. The Classic Tote

The tote bag has a lot to offer any woman. They are comfortable, clever, and surprisingly spacious. If you are more fashion forward, a designer tote bag like Marc Jacobs’ the tote bag is the perfect option. For people who want to use it as an everyday bag, find a sustainable material like canvas that you can count on to stay strong for a long time. These types of bags can be used in any context from beach days to café trips. They can hold a lot of items, and stay comfortable with prolonged wearing too.

4. Practical Backpack

Backpacks are wonderful if you have nappies and wipes to carry around, but they can be great for keeping tech safe too. For any woman of any age and circumstance, there are a thousand reasons why backpacks are a great product option. They support muscles when you need to carry heavier items around, and are surprisingly versatile in the array of style choices you can pick from on the modern market.

5. Your Going Out Bag

Your everyday bag might be a loyal companion for running errands and general outings, but for special going out occasions, it is great to have an alternative option stored away. Clutch bags, small zipped styles, and even large purses are the answer every woman needs when she’s going out for drinks, food, or a theatre visit (and everything in between). Don’t be afraid to get whatever suits your style, or maybe buy multiple choices to match a range of outfit choices! It’s all about what fits your vibe.

6. The Holiday Suitcase

A suitcase is perfect for longer trips and important vacations. These are an investment purchase because the price tag is a little higher than standard use bags, and you keep them for a long time. Suitcases come in an almost infinite array of styles and sizes. You can buy a weekend bag alternative by sourcing a smaller style that is perfect for an overnight stay, or one big enough to hold many pairs of shoes, outfits, and essential styling accessories. Lots of people have a few suitcase options stored away in the wardrobe for when the time calls.

7. Sustainable Shopper Addition

Plastic bags are terrible for the environment. They are becoming redundant in a modern society focussed on eco-friendly lifestyles. That is why the sustainable shopper was created and continues to build momentum as a popular shopping companion for people everywhere, women included! These are typically made from strong materials that could be recycled too.

Popular choices include jute and canvas stylings that are more capable of holding heavier items and remaining comfortable too. By investing in a sustainable shopper, you are doing your bit for the Earth and acquiring something that has multiple uses to be enjoyed over and over again.

The most important bag of all is the one you use every day. Some people like to have a rota system in place and others roll with a signature style that accompanies them on all errands and beyond. Wherever you land, there is a bag out there for you and it’s highly practical to have a few varieties in the wardrobe that suit a range of settings.

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