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5 Benefits Of Implementing Bathroom Ceiling Cladding

Bathroom ceiling cladding increases the aesthetic and has numerous functional advantages such as keeping the ceiling dirt-free, preventing damp and mould, keeping the ceiling safe from deterioration, etc.

Above all, bathroom cladding is considered healthy and hygienic in comparison to painted and wooden ceilings. This is the reason when you ask about traditional tiles vs cladding,  professionals like Bayset will ultimately suggest cladding.

The system of cladding was developed in the 1970s and since then it has been the best choice for people across the world. As per an authentic statistic, the global cladding market was estimated with a steady growth of CAGR 5.44% from 2018 to 2023 with a market worth from $ 224.4 billion to $ 292.5 billion.

Eventually, this enormous popularity shows that what Bayset and other professionals claim is true and relevant. Below are the 5 exceptional benefits of implementing bathroom ceiling cladding for you to know and proceed with your cladding.

1. Easy to Install

PVC Cladding is usually a lightweight material for decoration and easy installation, especially for the bathroom ceiling. You can find varieties of cladding in terms of looks and finishing. You can also find various sizes of PVC cladding but the popular size is 100mm and 250mm with a common length of 2.6m.

Cladding is easy to install with very limited tools. If you are a DIY enthusiast and interested in installing your bathroom cladding, you can successfully do it within a couple of hours just by using a hard saw, a staple gun or screw drill, and a silicone gun as well.

However, if you seek professional assistance for your bathroom ceiling cladding, they can finish the entire task within a very less time and more perfectly because of their experience and expertise.

2. Saves Your Time and Money from Painting and Cleaning

PVC cladding is maintenance-free and long-lasting. You need not go on cleaning it and repairing your cladding as you usually do it for your ceiling. Similarly, you need regular painting including cleaning and maintaining your ceiling that is usually a time-consuming process and also expensive. Cleaning cladding is easy and it takes less time. You may just need to wipe them and they are done.

Secondly, your painted ceiling attracts a lot of dirt that needs to be cleaned every now and then. But PVC cladding does not attract dirt and stays clean for a long time. Eventually, the money that you spend for frequent painting and cleaning is saved if you install cladding.

3. Durable and Long-Lasting Décor

PVC cladding is super durable and gives a new look every time you just wipe it with a piece of cloth. It does not fade, warp, or flake over time and you can enjoy its luxurious appearance even after years of using the same cladding.

On the other hand, you need to regularly maintain your wooden or painted cladding because they fade, flake, and warp soon. So, once you install PVC cladding you stay stress-free for years with a new and luxurious look of your bathroom ceiling.

4. No Damp and Mould

Your bathroom is a place where mould and damp build-up are normal especially on the walls and ceiling. You need to remove the damp and mould regularly and can never get rid of them. On the other hand, PVC cladding is 100% waterproof and prevents damp and mould build-up. Therefore, installing PVC cladding saves your time and money from spending on damp and mould.

5. Healthy and Hygienic

Your painted or wooden ceilings attract dirt and along with dirt bacteria like magnet. Eventually, you are at the risk of various types of bacteria in your bathroom that will create numerous health hazards. PVC cladding is safe in terms of dirt and bacteria and ultimately keeps you safe from unhealthy and unhygienic elements in your bathroom.

Besides, the painted and wooden ceilings accumulate water and cause mould that makes the atmosphere more vulnerable especially for people with respiratory issues.


PVC cladding is useful, durable, and most convenient with many advantages in comparison to painted and wooden ceilings. But you need to also take care of a few things to use your PVC cladding ceilings for a long time. For example, cladding is waterproof but does not sustain heat. Secondly, you may find the joint marks if you do not install them professionally.

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