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Bathroom Flooring: Why Tile Isn’t the Only Option

Picking the right kind of flooring for your new or renovated bathroom can be tough. You may feel that tile is the only choice, though it doesn’t seem to fit the design language of the rest of your home, nor does it look quite as good as the kitchen. Well luckily for home designers all over, there are many more flooring options for the bathroom. Let’s take a look.

Why Tiles?

First of all, it’s good to get an understanding of why designers use tiles in the first place. There are two main reasons for using tiles: the first being the look and the second being the utility. Tiles are a very clean and very attractive floor type for many different interior styles, as they can be made from ceramic, stone or even glass, in all kinds of colours.

This makes using tiles easier for a designer, as the tiles can be made to match the aesthetic that they are going for but doesn’t make it easier for the builder. Tiles take time to lay and use a lot of resources, as well as sometimes being quite fragile. So, what alternatives could be better?

Laminate Flooring As An Option

One option for your bathroom project might be water resistant laminate flooring. As laminate is simply a printed picture on a firm fibreboard with a protective plastic layer, laminate is a strong flooring that is exceptionally waterproof as well as visually appealing.

As the printing can be anything of your choice, ranging from stone to wood, tiling to anything else, laminate is the most flexible for the designer in you. Though it can feel somewhat plasticy underfoot, it is inexpensive, inoffensive, and incredibly easy to lay, resistant to scratching and staining. The durability of laminate flooring is one of the largest reasons that it is recommended for any busy household, especially those with children.

What About Vinyl?

Vinyl is a synthetic flooring that can come in either sheets or tiles. It is very customisable, with many different patterns and looks that you can get it made for, allowing it to fit any kind of style that you are going for, be it wood, stone, or a more abstract and artistic pattern.

Vinyl is another waterproof material and so adapts to the bathroom and, despite being less durable than other options, is a great choice thanks to its affordability. This means replacing a damaged floor is as easy for an amateur as it is for a professional, brilliant for the DIYer in you.

Is Wood an Option?

Real hardwood floors look gorgeous in almost every setting, bringing the wonder of nature into your home to underlay all of your extra design choices, fitting excellently in rooms such as your dining room or study.

Sadly, however, this doesn’t apply to the bathroom. Hardwood cannot resist moisture in the same capacity that vinyl or waterproof laminate is able to, which can lead to long-lasting damage for both the flooring and the subfloor that it is placed on. Whilst hardwood flooring is very durable, it is not fit for repelling water or in-air moisture, meaning that, sadly, hardwood is not a good choice for your bathroom.

So, what floor type should you choose? It is up to you! Though some choices may not be optimal, a waterproof and stylish flooring is all you need for your new bathroom project. As long as the aesthetic is complete, you should pick whatever looks good on paper and good on the floor. Go forth and enjoy your new bathroom finish!

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