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Beauty Standards We Should Make Peace With

Many people aren’t happy with their post-pandemic bodies, and they feel like the media and dieting sector is after them. We have survived an entire year amid the pandemic, and we should make peace with our appearance.

You might have been targeted with exercise programs and weight loss supplements in the promise of ensuring you’ll have a bikini body. To make peace with different beauty standards, you need to understand that food is supposed to nourish our bodies instead of punishing us. What matters most is healing from the inside.

A natural body is incredible; however, there are people who don’t want to feel “incredible.” The main question that arises, in this case, is, will you manage to make peace with some of these beauty standards? Supposedly the answer is yes!

Some women will feel some form of resistance towards different beauty trends. Each body is worth respect and being celebrated regardless of whether you meet the societal beauty standards.

You may feel like you don’t like stretch marks or scars. You may also despise the manner in which your thighs usually touch, or you’re forced to purchase a large bathing suit since you’re tired of trying it out. It’s okay to be content with the way you are. You won’t have to love all the quirks that usually come about with being human. You also don’t have to hate these quirks either.

Your body possesses a lot of value, and it’s not all about your clothing size or appearance. You deserve kindness and respect regardless of whether you’re plus-size after gaining some weight in the past year. Instead of hating your body, you should make peace with it and ensure it fits an unreal expectation.

It is important to focus on the things that your body allows you to do and appreciate the fact that you can get out of your bed with minimal challenges. Thanks to your body, you can have conversations with the people that are dear to you. You can enjoy reading books, running, dancing, tasting food, walking, and getting to watch the beautiful sunset. You can also offer comfort and hugs, and also support the people that matter most to you.

Some people want to find the perfect nose. It may seem impossible to some point since we cannot define perfection. We can only imagine what perfection looks like. If you find it hard to love your body, you should acknowledge the amazing journey your body has been through. You can practice accepting your body the way it is rather than the way it isn’t.

You need to understand that we’re multi-faceted humans. Our bodies also deserve better than being bullied by ourselves or by society. What if all human beings have good bodies? Keep in mind our bodies handle a lot of things, including walking, eating, loving, sleeping, playing, and creating. It is good to focus more energy on how you live your life instead of focusing on looking and fitting into different clothes while also comparing yourself depending on social media posts that seem glamorous.

Have you ever asked yourself, what if we drank, ate, and moved for our well-being and overall health instead of focusing on appearances and weight loss? You should know that your weight isn’t an indicator of your health status. As a woman, your metabolism, hormones, ability to sleep well, energy levels, digestive system, and having pain-free cycles is important to your health.

There are instances whereby discussions ensue about the shape and body size of a woman. If you’ve been pregnant before, you can concur that the nursing journey isn’t easy. You need to be familiar with how rapidly the body changes and different health issues.

As you grow older, there are many things that you didn’t know. For instance, do you know that thyroid issues are common among older women? How many people usually ignore body symptoms since they don’t want to be bothered or they don’t want to make a huge deal out of everything? Many people don’t want to talk about how tired they are and whether they usually get enough sleep.

Some diseases are hereditary, and some of them are linked to lifestyle changes and environmental causes. Regardless of whether you eat healthily and you’re physically active, you won’t know about hereditary ailments that can affect you at some point.

If you have imbalanced hormones and your body organs are inflamed, eating healthy and exercising will only help you maintain your current status. A body cannot be judged by appearance. Autoimmune diseases are invisible ailments since they will wreak havoc from within, and your energy levels and how your body functions will be affected.

You may appear to be healthy; however, autoimmune diseases may be wreaking havoc from within. The autoimmune diseases will also affect your mental health. Some of the mental disorders you should be on the lookout for include depression and anxiety. Such ailments will affect you adversely, yet they’re invisible to you.

When it comes to making peace with your body, you should keep in mind we are nuanced and multi-faceted humans. The appearance of your body and how you came to be the way you are is a complex matter, and the mainstream media realizes that, and they acknowledge such facts.

After reading through this article, you need to appreciate your body, and you’ll also recognize it has a purpose and it’s not all about appearance. You need to discover that the key is to live your life with a purpose and also show up well for all the people and things that you love. It is easy to make peace with your body regardless of the beauty standards that are in place.

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