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8 Things to Think About Before Purchasing a New Smartphone

In 2021, you’ll have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t own a smartphone. Once seen as a luxury, smartphones are a necessity for all ages as a way to keep connected in the ever-evolving world we live in.

With technology continuing to advance, our smartphones are capable of doing more things than we could ever dream of. Whether you’re a lover of taking photos, video calling friends or playing on apps, there may come a time where you’re ready for a new device.

Before picking the first smartphone you lay your eyes on, there are all sorts of things to think about beforehand. Above anything else, you’ll want to get excellent value for money and invest in a smartphone that matches your needs. It can be tricky to narrow down the search with so many smartphones available, so here are some things to take into consideration before making your final decision.

1. Build Quality

The build quality is all about the smartphone’s durability. You’ll find that the entire smartphone market is divided into two categories: plastic and metal. In some instances, you may see devices that have glass-coated panels. However, these are rare rather than the norm. While we try to be careful when running errands, many of us have dropped our phones from time to time.

If you can relate to this, it’s wise to stick with a metal or plastic-built smartphone. Some makes boast that their devices can be dropped from 3 feet without shattering, so if you’re the clumsy type and want to be safe, it’s best to stick with what we recommend.

2. Price

If you’ve not bought a new smartphone in many years, you may be alarmed at the prices some of them go for. You can expect to pay close to £1,000 for the newest devices on the market, so if you have money to spare and want to get the best of the best, it’s best to know what the going rate is. Once you find your dream smartphone, you may not be keen on the monthly plan attached.

Instead, you can opt for a SIM only deal from Lebara who offers 30 day rolling plans. This means you can cancel at the end of the month without the worry of being attached to a 12/24-month plan. Lebara is also partnered with Vodafone, meaning you can be confident you’ll be with a leading provider on the market.

3. Camera

With the camera quality on smartphones continuing to improve, many people are ditching their digital cameras in favour of their mobile phone. If you love to take photos, it’s natural you’ll want a smartphone with the highest megapixels possible. Understandably, the better camera quality, the more you may have to shell out.

But if photography is a passion of yours, you can take some awesome photos without the need of buying a specific camera. You can go one step further and look into the kind of integrated sensor, pixel size, and lens quality the smartphone has, which can help you make your mind up.

4. Display

If you’re the kind of person who is glued to their smartphone day and night, the size and resolution of the device’s display need to be taken into account. Whether you enjoy watching videos, editing photos, or watching films, it’s recommended to stick with phones that have a display ranging between 5.5-inch and 6-inch.

Should you opt for anything bigger than this, the handset may feel too bulky which can be a nuisance to carry around or fit in your pocket. If you do want something bigger, it may be worth purchasing a tablet instead.

5. Battery

How many times have you charged up your phone, gone out the door, and within what feels a matter of minutes, your battery life has halved? If the answer is, ‘too many’, it’s understandable you will want a smartphone with an excellent battery life. If you’re always on the go, knowing you have enough charge to stay connected to your loved ones is important.

What’s more, for businesspeople, you may need to check emails, speak to clients, and conduct virtual meetings while away from the office, meaning it’s vital you pick a smartphone that can run for the day without needing to be charged. If you need to charge your phone while on the go, you can purchase a portable charger.

6. Security

Unfortunately, phone thefts are on the rise throughout the UK. With smartphones having more features than ever before, thieves are always on the prowl to nab one of their own to sell on and make a fortune.

Thankfully, the newest smartphones come equipped with additional security features, including a fingerprint sensor. This feature not only makes it difficult for a stranger to unlock your handset, but it also acts like a password for your documents, apps, and personal files. The last thing you want is for your information to fall into the wrong hands, so make sure you make use of this feature which will add an extra layer of protection. You should also have a unique PIN or password on your device.

7. Storage

For smartphone addicts who love to take hundreds of photos, videos, and download tons of apps, there’s only so much storage your device can hold. Whether you’re an Apple lover, or Android has your heart, you need to select a device with enough space to house everything you need. The last thing you want is to purchase a phone that doesn’t come with the storage you’re after.

If you’re not the biggest app lover, you may benefit from 32GB storage, whereas for those who like to download anything and everything, you can’t go wrong with a 128GB device. Remember, the more storage your smartphone has, the more it will cost, so bear this in mind before choosing your device.

8. Audio

While it may sound like an obvious factor, your smartphone’s audio quality is something that must be taken into consideration. Whether you’re having business calls, speaking to loved ones, streaming a video, or playing music, the better the audio, the better your experience. For those who are hard on hearing, it’s more important than ever to invest in a smartphone that has excellent audio.

If you want to be constantly entertained by your device, your best bet is to purchase a handset that includes front-facing speakers. This will give you a clear sound, even when holding your device in landscape mode. If you’re after a smartphone that does the basics, a regular mobile with bottom-firing speakers will be sufficient.

A great smartphone will be your camera, entertainment, and way to keep in touch with loved ones. This means that when on the lookout for a new one, you need to think about all the factors above before making any rash decisions. Depending on the smartphone, you could be forking out a lot of money on the device, so you’ll want to pick one that’s worth the money.

It’s difficult to find the perfect smartphone. There will always be pros and cons attached to every make. However, the guide above should make it easier to find a smartphone that’s tailored to your needs and will benefit you in your personal and professional life.

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