benefits of aligner braces

Benefits Of Aligner Braces: Is It Right For You?

Clear aligner braces are the new best thing in orthodontics. They are invisible and removable acrylic braces that will straighten your teeth just like standard metal braces.

For some people, wearing braces is necessary. But we all know that having metal braces is not an easy task, especially because they need to be constantly adjusted and worn for years. Anyone who’s had traditional braces will agree that they are usually painful and can prevent you from eating normally.

When it comes to choosing different types of braces, consult the experts at Modern Orthodontics who can help you. Metal braces used to be the only option but world-class orthodontists have now come up with aligner braces. They are actually considered to be the safer and more ideal treatment! Keep reading to find out why.

What are the Benefits of Aligner Braces?

1. Convenience Like Never Before

Unlike traditional braces, aligners are removable. They will easily slide on and off your teeth so you can take them off while eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing. Since there’s no metal brackets, you won’t have bits of food stuck over your teeth. Plaque and tartar won’t build up!

Braces are also kept for at least two years, but aligners will get the job done in an average of four months! Aligner braces are also transparent, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting to a new or different look. The transition is so much easier.

2. More Affordable

Having metal braces means a trip to the dentist every month or so. They need to check if your teeth are straightening as planned. Rubber bands are added when necessary to help with the treatment. However, these regular check-ups will cost you.

Clear aligners are more affordable because you only pay for the initial appointment and the aligners themselves, which can be delivered straight to your home. No need to pay for monthly dental visits!

3. Promotes Healthier Gums and Periodontal Tissue

Sometimes, metal braces can cause inflammation of your gums. This isn’t so hard to imagine because the metal bracket is placed right on each tooth.

Aligner braces would be the better choice especially for those with sensitivity in the mouth area. They promote healthier periodontal tissue since it is merely an acrylic tray that you place over your teeth.

4. No Mouth Abrasions

Similarly, the metal brackets can cause sores or oral abrasions. If you’ve had mouth sores before, then you know how uncomfortable these can be!

Meanwhile, aligner braces are comfortable to wear since they are especially made-to-fit for each wearer. Your teeth will be used as a mold for your aligners to ensure a perfect fit and guaranteed alignment over time.

5. ISO Certified and BPA Free

Clear aligners are made with high-quality materials that are internationally certified. While they’re made of plastic, it is completely BPA-free which makes it very safe to wear for extended periods of time. Experts use the best materials to ensure teeth alignment in the safest and most effective way.

So if your dentist is requiring you to wear braces, don’t worry! Simply check the pros and cons before deciding on the aligners that are best for you.

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