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10 Best Bourbons Under $50 That You Must Try Now

Bourbon is a type of distilled American whiskey that’s made primarily from corn and rye. It has a brownish color that varies in intensity in proportion to its age. Compared to whiskey, which has a much smokier flavor, bourbons tend to be mild and sweet, with notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel.

Bourbon pairs well with several cocktail recipes, and you can enjoy it on the rocks with a pinch of salt and lemon juice. There are many varieties to choose from, so to make things easier, here’s a curated list of the best bourbons under $50.

10 Best Bourbons Under $50

#1. Buffalo Trace Bourbon – $30.99


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One of the most renowned award-winning distilleries in the world, the Buffalo Trace distillery produces this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey using high-quality rye, corn, and barley malt.

Whiskeys are aged for several years in new oak barrels in warehouses until they mature. This is a rich and diverse bourbon with notes of toffee, candied fruit, and vanilla. It provides a smooth finish that lasts for a while.

The starting price of Buffalo Trace’s Bourbon is $30.99.

#2. Wild Turkey 101 – $25.99


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Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is aged 6-8 years and is one of America’s biggest-selling premium Bourbons. It’s also 100% natural, made using non-GMO grains only. The taste is sweet and bold yet smooth and full of depth. This variety has a particularly stunning amber shade and gives a strong waft of vanilla on the nose.

In terms of flavors, Wild turkey 101 gives strong upfront vanilla, with tasting notes of oak, caramel, and baking spices in the middle. The finish is bold, long-lasting, and tastes close to orange-peel.

You can get a 750 ml bottle of Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon at approximately $25.99.

#3. Old Forester 100 Proof – $27.49


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Old Forester 100 Proof is a 2018 American Masters Gold Medal Premium Bourbon. It was made to honor the legacy of George Garvin Brown, the founder of the company.

It has a stunning deep copper body with a thin, silky mouthfeel. The nose gives sweet caramel and cherry brightness, followed by hints of oak. This simple but inviting aroma is followed by a rich taste of bold oak, punchy pecans, and maple syrup. Old Forester is known for its robust spicy finishes to offset the sweetness from its sip.

It gives a surprisingly crisp finish that highlights its pepper, clove, and seasoned oak flavors. It’s one of those whiskeys that shows its true complexity at the end rather than the start, perfect for accompanying cigars.

Its starting price is $27.49.

#4. Woodford Reserve – $39.59


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Woodford Reserve is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey comprising over 200 detectable flavor notes. It’s surprisingly well balanced for a rich and full-bodied whiskey. The mouthfeel is warm and exotic right from the very first sip to the finish. But it cuts through very smoothly with no rough patches.

On the nose, it gives a heavy dried fruit aroma with notes of mint, cocoa, and tobacco spice. The taste is rich, chewy, and has complex citrus flavor notes garnished with hints of cinnamon, caramel, cocoa toffee, and pepper.

A 750 ml bottle of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey will cost approximately $39.59.

#5. Henry Mckenna Single Barrel Bourbon – $49.99


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Henry Mckenna continues to be one of the greatest names in the distilled liquor industry. The Henry Mckenna single barrel is a high-proof Bottled-in-Bond bourbon that has been aged for 10 years through 40 Kentucky seasons. It’s one of the longest-aged whiskeys available in the United States and has won 5 SF World Spirits Competition Brand awards from 2019 to 2021.

The glass color is warm golden amber and the most strongly detected aromas are vanilla, caramel, and oak. The palate gives notes of oak, sharp spices, honey, and a long sweet-spicy herbaceous finish.

A bottle would cost you approximately $49.99 or lower depending on where you buy it from.

#6. Four Roses Single Barrel – $49


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Four Roses Single Barrel is a complex, full-bodied premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, known for its unbelievably long and mellow finish. Aged for a minimum of 7 years, it has a relatively higher alcohol percentage than other whiskeys, so you might want to throw a couple of rocks into your glass.

The palate is rich and sweet but not cloying. It gives strong notes of caramel, vanilla, and cherry candy with hints of chocolatey goodness that transition into light oaky dryness and cinnamon spice. The finish is long-lasting and provides more of that oak and spice over time.

You can get a 750 ml bottle for approximately $49 and a 50 ml bottle for as little as $8.

#7. Larceny Small Batch Bourbon – $27


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Larceny Small Batch Bourbon is a SIP Double Gold winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s made with wheat as a secondary grain and delivers a smooth tasting experience and a silky smooth long finish.

It has an aesthetically pleasing bright copper-colored body and gives the scent of fresh bread and butterscotch toffee. The tasting notes are buttery caramel and honey with bittersweet hints of toffee, with a finishing note of tobacco.

A 750 ml bottle will cost you approximately $27.

#8. Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon – $32.99


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Elijah Craig Small Batch is an award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with a signature warm spice and smoke flavor. It has a well-rounded profile that appeases all palates. The body is light and bright copper which foreshadows its rich smoky tones.

It has a smooth and warm mouthfeel with tasting notes of smoke, nutmeg, and wood with accents of spice. The finish is long with sweet and toasty flavors that are accompanied by delightfully complex notes of vanilla bean, sweet fruit, and fresh mint.

A 750 ml bottle would cost you $32.99.

#9. Eagle Rare 10-Year-Old Bourbon Whiskey – $44


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Eagle Rare 10-year-old is a top-quality Bourbon Whiskey from Buffalo Trace. It is deliciously fragrant and shows all the qualities of a long-matured whiskey. Not a bad bargain for an under $50 bourbon.

It boasts a wild full-bodied palate with notes of buttery corn, cinder toffee, and orange peel. The nose delivers powerful notes of toasted oak, giving way to orange peel and maple syrup.

The palate is complex and combines an interesting combination of flavors like walnuts, honey, cherry, and buttered bread. This is backed by a leathery finish with dry notes of oak spice and vanilla.

You can get a 750 ml bottle of Eagle Rare at approximately $44.

#10. Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey – $20


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Knob Creek is a premium American manufacturer of prohibition-style full-bodied bourbon with a robust flavor. It’s got the perfect balance of tart, warmth, sweetness, and spice. This complexity also gives it a color halfway between copper and medium amber.

On the nose, it gives warm and vibrant notes of vanilla spice, oak, dried figs, and maple. The taste is rich and sweet with hints of smooth vanilla and layered caramel, and a subtle hint of fruitiness. Each flavor is layered onto the other and lasts throughout the finish.

A 750 ml bottle is priced at approximately $20.

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