9 Best Online Auto Repair Guides: Be Your Own Car Guy

best online auto repair guides
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Everyone knows there are many benefits to owning a car. You can take yourself to your desired destination without having to rely on public transport. Cars are some of the most time-efficient and practical vehicles out there.

But, what if your car breaks down, a tire runs flat, or a headlight stops working? Knowing how to repair some car issues on your own is essential for every car owner. So, here are some of the best online auto repair guides that can save you both time and money:

1. Emanualonline

For many people, a car is also their main way of transport. It allows them to quickly and easily get from point A to point B. In most cases, you arrive to point B without any major holdbacks. However, nothing is perfect — cars included, so holdbacks do happen. And whenever they do, Emanualonline is there to help.

Emanualonline provides the most detailed and up-to-date manuals on your car model. Whether it is an Audi, Ford, or even an old Cadillac Alante, there is a very high chance that you will be able to find the manual you have been looking for on this website.

2. OnlyPDFManuals

OnlyPDFManuals is a top-rated website for owners manuals, workshop manuals, repair manuals, automotive literature, free radio unlock codes, OBDII codes and much more! There are over 360,000 automotive manuals you can view for FREE! Search your car manuals using the manufacturer and model of your car on the main page. You can even download repair manuals in PDF form.

If you have a manual that you would like to share with other automotive enthusiasts feel free to submit this by clicking the About Us drop-down in the navigation menu then click on Upload. You can find repair manuals of every major car brand here.

3. Onlymanuals

Onlymanuals has over 85,000 original manuals at your disposal. And the best part? They are all free! Type in the manufacturer and model of your car on the main page, and choose the manual that you want to download. It is as easy as that!

4. Haynes

From easy-to-follow techniques, practical tools, and useful advice, to the most up-to date-manuals, Haynes offers some of the best online car repair guides out there. Its users enjoy a wide range of services. There, you can find manuals of all kinds.

To name a few, there is an entire collection of the well-known Clymer and Chilton guides, as well as some books on automotive repairs and powersports. Also, you can always access a whole bunch of useful advice on their Tips & Tutorials page.

5. Cardiagn

Another great website where you can access a large number of free car manuals is Cardiagn. On Cardiagn, you can learn how to repair your car without spending money on manuals. The authors of its auto blog are passionate and knowledgeable in the car industry, and frequently visit the website to offer advice.

So, you can always turn to them, as well as other qualified auto-repair specialists through the Contact Us page for any other questions.

6. AutoMD

AutoMD is the perfect starting point for beginners. On this website, guides are divided into six main categories: body and interior, engine, transmission and drivetrains, brakes, steering and suspension, and preventive maintenance.

The Auto Answers section also allows you to ask about any trouble you are experiencing with your car. You’re sure to get accurate answers — free of charge!

7. CarManualsHub

Whether you are looking for an auto repair manual, a maintenance manual, a car book, auto operation manual, or a parts catalog of a car that you are interested in, CarManualsHub has you covered. Its Automotive Blog is also there to keep you updated on the most recent car news, tips, and advice.

8. AutoDocClub

DIY car repairs are not always easy. What’s more, even the best online auto repair guides can sometimes be confusing. This is where AutoDocClub comes in handy. Each of its repair tutorials contains a video explanation, as well as step by step instructions and images.

9. ChiltonDIY

ChiltonDIY offers some of the best online auto repair guides for only $24.95 per month, or $29.95 a year. This is the kind of service that you can trust, as the company has been publishing automotive manuals since 1910. By joining, you will become a member of the biggest automotive repair community out there.

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