best smartphone accessories for 2022

Best Smartphone Accessories For 2022

Most of us own a smartphone and would struggle to adapt without it. In many ways, your phone is an extension of you. From the moment you get up until the time you go to bed, your phone is always with you.

Your smartphone probably wakes you up with its alarm; you’ll then perhaps use it to plan and organise your day ahead. If you drive, it might sit on your dashboard providing you with directions; if you commute by public transport, then you’ll potentially use your phone to stream content, such as a film, a network show or a live casino or indeed on the rare occasion, catch up with work

We do everything on our cell phones. It therefore makes sense that you’d want to keep your smartphone up-to-date with the latest gadgets in order to get the most out of it. So, what are the best smartphone accessories for 2022?

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Folding keyboard

Many of us still prefer to type on a proper keyboard rather than a phone’s touchscreen – there’s nothing quite like the accuracy that comes with a desktop keyboard. Physical keyboards are not only more precise than touchscreens, they’re often easier to use. However, they don’t exactly match the portable nature of your mobile device.

Fortunately, you can get desktop keyboards for mobiles that can be used on the go because they’re foldable. One of the newest models on the market is the Sounwill Bluetooth folding keyboard. Lightweight and easy to carry, the ultra-thin keyboard uses wireless technology and is designed for people who travel frequently.

Holder and charger in one

If you like to have your mobile device displayed in front of you while you’re driving, there are numerous smartphone holders available on the market. But one thing that’s particularly frustrating, especially on a long journey when you’re relying on Google Maps, is that apps tend to drain the battery.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to that inconvenience. Among the newest designs for 2022 is the Pitaka MagMount Qi phone holder, which comes with an in-built magnetic QI charging surface, meaning that you can charge the battery while the phone’s sitting on the dashboard. Not only does the device use QI wireless charging, it also has a special heat dissipation design with overheat and over-volt protection.

Flexible tripod stand

Smartphones, particularly iOS devices, can easily rival professional cameras in their photo quality. If you like posting perfect snapshots to your Instagram or sharing professionally-shot clips to your vlog, then a tripod is always a good investment. Keeping your smartphone camera on a stable and even keel will prevent blurred images and footage and will give your shots and videos a more polished look.

One of the latest tripod devices for smartphone cameras is the Joby Grip Tight One Tripod. Versatile and flexible, it holds your phone in place while you take your snaps, making group pictures much simpler. Moreover, the bendable legs can be held in a way that the tripod works as a selfie stick or hung at an angle.

Foldable stand

Phone stands have been around since before mobiles used smart technology. Surely, therefore, you can’t update and improve something that’s been so reliable for all these years? Wrong. The Moft X foldable phone stand is not only designed to be portable, it functions as a mini wallet for your bank cards as well. It can also be adjusted to hold your phone horizontally, so you can video chat in landscape mode.

Moreover, it comes with a sticky pad, giving you more freedom to enjoy your day-to-day life. This means it can be secured to your kitchen wall while you cook, set up for virtual office meetings on the go, or even attached to your bathroom wall while you soak in the bath.


Your cell phone is with you all the time, so it’s understandable that you’d want to facilitate ease of use. With these handy accessories, you can be sure to get the most out of your smartphone.

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