Betting on Golf

Betting on Golf: Why Is It So Popular?

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people underestimate exactly how successful golf is. In truth, the sport receives millions of views all year round, and is easily in the top 10 most popular sports to watch around the world.

With such popularity, it isn’t surprising that golf is so popular on betting sites. Bookies cover golf odds extensively and with great care. But, the question that most people might ask is: Why is golf such a popular sport? In this article, we attempt to answer that question.


One of the big reasons why golf is such a popular sport to watch and wager on is the simplicity. While there are some complicated rules, for the most part, golf is pretty easy to understand. For that reason, the game is also a huge draw for amateur athletes who want to play a sport and catch up with friends.

Betting on the game is also not as hard as you might think. Online bookies that offer golf betting options do their best to simplify the concept and make the hobby accessible to everyone interested. There is no doubt that his has greatly contributed to golf gaining a lot of popularity at online sportsbooks.

Year-Round Fun

Fans of football or basketball certainly know that these sports are played in seasons. There are friendlies and scheduled matches throughout the year. However, the big-name tournaments occur only during a select season. Not so with golf.

Much like tennis, golf is a year-round sport. That means that there is a big-name golf tournament happening at some point in the year, no matter the season. This accessibility has made golf one of the most popular betting sports, as enthusiasts can wager no matter what.

Great Odds

Sportsbooks often come up with some excellent odds for golf games. Whenever the golf tournaments roll around, bookies put out “long-term bets,” often called futures. These odds let you wager on the outcome of the tournament, for a pretty hefty payout. However, you should always be aware of the risk, as future bets tend to be pretty high-risk/high-reward.

In terms of general odds, golf is easily one of the top ten most favorable sports for bettors. Along with soccer, football, baseball, and basketball, it endures in popularity, precisely because bookies tend to create generous golf betting odds.


Finally, golf provides a pretty big variety in the betting market. We already mentioned futures bets. However, they are by no means the only kind of bets that you will find when wagering on golf. Golf betting enthusiasts can expect to see the following bet types when making a wager:

  • Outright Winner: a simple bet on who will win the upcoming game.
  • Props: proposition bets that rely on a bookie proposing an outcome, and customers betting on its likelihood.
  • Each-way: bet on whether a player will win the tournament or place in the top three.
  • Parlay: place multiple bets as one, increasing the risk of failure, but also the value of the reward.
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