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Bikini Wax Styles: A Complete Guide

Whether you are preparing your body for the summer holiday or you just like to stay clean and smooth down there, an effective bikini wax style is all you need. Unfortunately, you may find yourself torn between the numerous bikini wax styles being advertised online and the mystifying salon lingo.

Fortunately, this article offers you a complete guide to help you choose the right style for your bikini wax.

What’s a Bikini Wax?


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A bikini wax is an act of removing your pubic hair through waxing. This is a non-invasive process that requires a special type of wax that can either be hot or cold. Although you can do bikini waxing at home, it’s good to have it done by a waxing professional for the best results.

If you want to do it alone, you start by applying the adhesive wax to your pubic hair and give it a few seconds to harden. Then, remove the wax quickly from your skin using a fabric strip. Be careful when you are peeling off the wax from your skin to avoid injuries. When you remove the wax, it comes out with your pubic hair, leaving the area looking and feeling smooth.

Initially, a bikini wax was common among women, but today even men are doing it. There are many benefits of having a bikini wax. For instance, it will keep your pelvic area free of hair for a long time. Unlike shaving, a bikini wax removes pubic hair from the root.

Secondly, hair regrowth after a bikini wax is slower and thinner because waxing removes hair from the root. The hair also tends to be finer when it regrows. The slow regrowth also means that you will extend your bikini waxing appointments.

Other hair removal methods like shaving and using creams with harsh chemicals tend to irritate the skin, leaving you with skin rashes. But waxing offers maximum results without any discomfort.

Does a Bikini Wax Hurt?


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One of the main concerns of people going for bikini waxing for the first time is how much it might hurt. The simple answer to this question is yes. However, some people would rather visit their waxing specialists than dentists. Others claim that waxing is one of the least fun things they pay to experience at spas and salons.

Several factors determine your experience during bikini waxing. For example, the condition of your skin, the timing of you your waxing session, and what you drink hours before waxing will determine how torturous or restful your waxing experience will be. The good thing is that there are simple steps you can take to manage the pain after waxing.

How did you feel when you plucked out a hair from your nostril? How painful was it? If you’ve ever experienced that kind of pain, then you have an idea, albeit faint, of how it feels to wax your pubic hair.

But the pain experienced during bikini waxing is ten times more intense because your spa waxing expert uses a stronger adhesive that grips hair over a wider area of your body. So, prepare yourself both physically and psychologically for the pain. The only biological explanation for the pain is the fact that your hair root and the nerve root are located close to each other.

So, although waxing isn’t harmful to your skin, it pulls out your hair root, triggering pain a similar pain response to the one caused by a physical injury. Fortunately, this pain only lasts a few seconds. However, sometimes you’ll experience discomfort, tenderness, and mild skin irritation.

Also, different parts of your body experience varied levels of pain when waxing. For instance, your pubic area is rated as one of the most painful areas for waxing, especially because it’s one of the most sensitive parts of your body. The pelvic area in general is loaded with sensory nerves, making it the most painful area to wax.

How to Prepare for a Bikini Wax


Although bikini waxing is a harmless procedure that doesn’t take a lot of time, there are important things you need to do when preparing yourself for it.

1. Allowing Your Pubic Hair to Grow Out

You shouldn’t shave your pubic hair if you are planning to do waxing. Unfortunately, many people make this mistake. Don’t wax your hair when it’s too short. Let it grow out to about a quarter of an inch.

2. Wait Until Your Monthly Period is Over

Many women make the mistake of scheduling their bikini waxing a few days before they receive their monthly periods. Experts advise against this because your skin is extremely sensitive at this time. You should wait for your monthly period to come and go before you wax down there.

3. Shower and Exfoliate Before Waxing

Taking a shower and exfoliating at least 24 hours before a bikini wax will make you less self-conscious, especially if you are having it at a spa or salon. Also, a warm shower will soften your pores, thus making the procedure less painful. When you are exfoliating, use a mild body scrub that won’t damage your skin.

4. Pick the Right Bikini Wax Shape

Most salons and spas offer a wide variety of bikini wax shapes, including regular, Brazilian, and full. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of each shape before you make your choice.

5. Get the Right Outfit

Since your skin will be highly sensitive and tender after waxing, you have to wear loose clothes to avoid discomfort. Wear these clothes to your waxing appointment to avoid excess friction on the pubic area and excess irritation after waxing.

6. Prepare Yourself Psychologically

You have to prepare yourself mentally for the exposure and pain. At the spa, you’ll be required to take off your pants and expose your genitals. Although some spas have disposable underpants for bikini waxing, you are likely going to expose your genitalia. You also need to prepare for the pain experienced during and after bikini waxing.

5 Different Bikini Wax Styles


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With so many bikini wax styles coming up every other day, you may find it difficult to pick the one that suits your waxing needs. Here are some of the most common bikini wax styles.

  • French Bikini Wax Style

This style gets rid of all your pubic hair in the front of your pubic area. However, this style doesn’t remove hair from the back. So, if you want the front part to be smooth without touching the hair at the back, this is the right option.

  • Full Bikini Wax Style

A full bikini wax style goes deeper than a regular bikini and it may include removing some hair from the top to give you a more definite “triangle” area without leaving any untrimmed hair. This style allows you to remove as much pubic hair as you wish. It’s suitable for you if you want to remove the hair deep into your bikini line and still retain some pubic hair.

  • Regular Bikini Wax Style

This bikini wax style helps you to remove your pubic hair from the sides of your bikini lines and at the top. It removes any hair not covered by your regular bikini. It’s the right style for you if you are having your first bikini wax, or you just need to do simple housekeeping down there.

  • Hollywood Bikini Wax Style

A Hollywood bikini wax style removes all hair. So, if you don’t want any hair left in the front, at the back, or in-between, this is the right choice for you. This style isn’t recommended for first-timers because they need to ease into it.

  • Brazilian Bikini Wax Style

This bikini wax style helps you to remove all the hair outside your bikini line, in the front, and at the back. It gives you a completely nude appearance. But you can also leave a neat triangle or strip in the front. So, if you wear thongs, or you just want to be completely hairless, this is the style to choose.

What Kind of Bikini Wax Style Do Guys Prefer?


Although very few people want to have a lot of hair in their pelvic area, most women go for bikini waxing to impress their men. That’s why every woman wants to know which bikini wax style men prefer. While most women believe that a full-on Brazilian bikini wax is what impresses most men, a recent study done by Nad’s, a hair removal company, proves otherwise.

The majority of men interviewed revealed that a Brazilian bikini wax wasn’t their preferred look, but rather a trimmed and neat “lady garden.” Out of the 1,000 men interviewed, 43 percent said they preferred a Bermuda triangle, which involves trimming your pubic hair and waxing the sides. 17 percent of them said they prefer a landing strip, while 15 percent love a heart shape.

Aftercare of a Bikini Wax


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As mentioned above, a bikini wax may leave you with mild pain and sensitive skin. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to manage the side effects and take care of your skin. Here are the most effective tips on how to care for your skin after bikini waxing.

1. Exfoliate Before Waxing

For your bikini waxing aftercare to be successful, you need to exfoliate before waxing. This helps to unclog your pores and prevent hair ingrowth. It also encourages your hair to grow straight for easier waxing in the future.

2. Avoid Direct Sun

Although most women go for bikini waxing to be able to flaunt their gorgeous bodies at the beach while wearing bikinis, it’s important to avoid exposing your waxed skin to direct sunlight for at least 48 hours after waxing. Since waxing is another form of exfoliation, it removes skin cells that protect your skin. Therefore, your skin is susceptible to severe sunburn.

3. Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Avoid tight clothes that might choke the waxed area for at least 48 hours after waxing. Such clothes may lead to breakouts and hair ingrowth. Also, avoid activities like working out for 48 hours because they may cause friction, sweating, and irritation in the area.

4. Avoid Swimming Steam Treatment

Since waxing leaves your follicles empty and prone to bacterial attack, you shouldn’t expose the waxed area to bacteria and chlorine found in swimming pools. Also, steaming the area in a sauna or a steaming room will disturb your sensitive skin, causing more irritation.

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