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What Blinds Should You Have In Each Room Of Your Home?

While you’re decorating your home there is a long list of things you need to think about, colour schemes, lighting, positioning of furniture etc, and because of all the different things you’re worrying about, sometimes you’ll miss something you didn’t realise you needed.

One of those things people often overlook is getting the right blinds for each room of their home. Some of us will get the same type of blinds for each room in their home and while this doesn’t seem like a big issue at first, there are plenty of drawbacks to having the wrong sort of blind in a room.

So, to help ease some of the confusion you may have about what sort of blinds go where, I’ve put together this handy guide of what sort of blinds work in each room of your home.

Living Room

The living room is a wildcard room when it comes to blinds, anything goes as there are no environmental factors that would make any type of blinds inappropriate. So when you’re choosing what sort of blinds to have in your living room it’s a personal style choice more than anything.

Also make sure that whatever blinds you get fit in with the design scheme of the room. If you’re going for a rustic look Wooden Venetians would be a good fit, but patterned Roller Blinds would be a bit of an odd choice.


Onto the kitchen, in kitchens you’ll need to be a bit more selective as a kitchen environment poses some danger to certain types of blinds, there’s plenty of dangers in stains, spills and even smells of the kitchen, so fabric blinds could get damaged just by being in the kitchen.

So, for your kitchen you’ll want to look at an easy clean Roller Blind made from PVC, these blinds won’t stain if you spill anything on them, are easy to clean, and are hardy enough to survive life in a busy kitchen. You can also improve the look of your kitchen with splashbacks from Simply Plastics.


Now, the bathroom. Much like the kitchen, bathrooms have a lot of environmental hazards which can damage your blinds, for bathrooms the biggest danger factor is water and steam, which can cause your blind to deteriorate if you use a wooden or fabric blind.

The best types of blinds for a bathroom are Faux Wood (Plastic) Venetian Blinds or the aforementioned PVC Roller Blinds as they won’t absorb water or start to get damp and moldy.


Finally, onto the bedroom, your options are a bit more open for the bedroom and style is usually the decision-maker when choosing blinds for the bedroom and to be honest most types of blinds will work just fine in a bedroom setting.

But, you should be looking for any blind that has ‘Blackout’ qualities, this means that the blind will block out any light that would otherwise leak into your bedroom and keep you awake. Because of this blackout blinds are a bedroom must-have!

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