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5 Ways to Boost Your Sales with Personalized Video Emails

Personalized video emails are a great way to increase sales. Nowadays, you can do many other things to boost your sales, including investing in online platforms that will help sell your stuff without selling what’s left of your soul.

However, there is something about personalized video emails that will get people clicking on them over and over again.

For example, you own a café and use video email to send out daily specials. You know that your customers would appreciate some variety, so you add a short clip of the day’s special with an explanation behind it. It makes them feel like they’re on your side and understand what is going on in the business better than anyone else.

Here are five ways to optimize sales engagement by sending out personalized video emails to your client.

1. Use Personalized Video Emails as a Part of Your Follow-Up

You’ve probably seen those emails that do not require a response, and they give you links to click on. Those are great for awareness, but they’re about as far as most companies will go. For example, give your customers a reason to respond by having them fill out a short survey.

You can even give them something for adding their opinions by adding a chance to win a free product or unique discount code.

2. Send Personalized Video Emails to Your Social Media Followers

It works best if you have social media followers who are most likely active on the platform they’re following you on. All you have to do is integrate video into your social media platforms.

According to statistics, more than 500 million hours of video are watched on social media platforms like YouTube every day.

Instagram stories are perfect for this because all you have to do is record a short clip or take a picture, add it in and upload it onto the story that only lasts for however many seconds you’ve given it. Vines can be uploaded onto the platform like Twitter, while Snapchat videos are suitable for sending to your email list.

3. Send Personalized Video Emails to Your Email List

Email lists are also a great place because you can give them a sneak peek into things they usually have no access to. If you’re looking for a way to offer something unique, try sending out previews or clips from exclusive events that usually take place out of the public eye.

You can even give them sneak peeks about front row seats, backstage passes, or free product samples that they will get to use at their discretion.

4. Send Personalized Video Emails When You Have New Products Coming Out

If you have new products coming out sometime shortly, introduce them to your customers in a personalized video email to improve sales engagement.

It works incredibly well if you’re selling products that no one has ever seen the likes of before and will sell like hotcakes (but not too hot, or you’ll burn yourself). You can even offer discounts to those who pre-order your product before it gets released.

5. Send Personalized Video Emails to Make Customers Feel Special

The best-personalized video emails will come in the form of a thank-you email. Thank your customers for their opinions when they fill out surveys, when they buy something from you, and even when they subscribe to your newsletter.

It is when the customer feels like no matter how many people there are in this world and that you’re the only company they could ever buy from.

Your customers will feel special and will also spark a sense of loyalty that will have them coming back for more.

It is because by sending out personalized video emails, it feels like no matter how big or small you or your company is, you still care about what they have to say. A personalized message will always sound more sincere than something generic, so stick with video whenever you can.


Personalized video emails are great because experimentation is highly encouraged. Company culture could be your guide when deciding what works best for your customers. Some companies may prefer to send out quirky, fun videos, while others might go for a more professional feel.

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