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5 Ways To Boost Your Resume

1. Only Include Necessary Information

Don’t waffle on in detail about the cafe job you had two years ago when applying for an office-based role. Tailor your resume to suit each role you apply for. This doesn’t mean starting from scratch each time you find a new job you’d like to apply to, instead edit small sections to keep your resume as relevant as possible to increase your chances of being selected for an interview.

2. Include Keywords

AI has invaded every area of life and this includes job applications. An estimated 95% of Fortune 500 companies currently use an ATS (applicant tracking system) to manage their applicant process. When applying for a role make sure you really pay attention to the keywords and language used in the job role description.

Make sure to include these keywords and key phrases to improve your chances of your resume being highlighted by an ATS and passed on to a real human being!

3. Take Online Courses

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive it’s sometimes necessary to step outside your comfort zone and put in a little extra effort to secure your dream job.

Consider taking up an online course on sites such as Coursera: which offers a host of courses from top universities, or take online private lessons from tuition sites like Tutor House where you can develop your knowledge on anything from business and management, languages, coding, Microsoft Office and more! Apart from the above mentioned platforms, Tutor Hunt is also a great choice.

Any extra effort you have gone to further educate yourself beyond the necessary basics will be highly regarded by a potential employer and can often mean be a deal breaker for competitive roles.

4. Good Design

Make your resume catch your employer’s eye. Most people will stick to the basic Google or Word document to hold their information, instead, make use of free design templates on sites like Canva to create a visually appealing resume.

Make sure you pay extra attention to how your resume may come across to a potential employer and craft a design that is clean, clear and professional. Good design is always appreciated and is a great first step to capturing the attention of a potential employer.

5. Always Write a Cover Letter

This may seem like a chore, but tailoring each cover letter for each job can truly make a difference to the success of your application. Make sure to research the company you are applying to, mention relevant things you’ve noticed and like about the business and convey a little of your personality across to the reader.

A cover letter is most likely the first thing an employer or recruiter will read. No matter how good your resume, experience and suitability for a job maybe, if you fail to complete a well-written cover letter your resume will be overlooked and discarded in favour of those that have chosen to put in that little bit of extra effort.

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