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5 Boxing Equipment for Home Training 

Are you ready to start your boxing home training, or are you already into it? Are you familiar with the essential workout equipment? Well, you’ve come to the right place. For starters, boxers range from pro athletes to people who box for fun. You can be training intending to be among the greats in the boxing industry, or you are just bored from your regular workout routines and want to switch a bit.

Regardless of the case, this article will guide you on the five essential home training equipment you need for your workout. Follow through!

1. Something to Hit

With boxing being a punching game, you will need something to hit. The main question is what type of bag will best suit your training. Punching bags vary in shape, size, and material. For instance, traditional punching bags were made from filling bags with sand.

Currently, however, these bags have been replaced by other designs. These designs include stand-alone bags, punching targets, end-to-end bags, aqua bags, and speedballs. For professional advice on which punching equipment to use, you can seek help from Fight Gear Direct.

2. Round Timer

As you carry out your solo workout at home, whether doing stretches or on the heavy bag, you’ll need to time your rounds. You could probably exercise till you’re fatigued and still achieve your objective. With a timer, however, you can track your progress on a broader range. For instance, you can track your speed by how many reps you can do in a specific period. Set periods also give one a chance to rest and take a breath in between training.

3. Skipping Rope

Generally, a skipping rope is one of the best and most valuable home workout equipment. This is because of the simplicity of the tool, the ease of use, and the vast benefits one can enjoy after skipping. For boxers, rope skipping has the advantage of increasing body reflex speed and hand-to-eye coordination. Skipping ropes are readily available in both local and online shops. When shopping, always consult and read reviews to ensure the product is of good quality.

4. Chin-up Bar

As a boxer, you’ll need a chin-up bar for your workout routines. Chin-ups can improve your punching power by strengthening your lats muscles. They also help stabilize your spine, improve hand and leg movement, and improve your back and shoulder.

Overall, chin-ups increase a boxer’s stamina where they can last longer in a ring without getting tired. You should, however, put more consideration into quality when purchasing a chin-up bar to ensure quality.

5. Hand Weights

Another home workout routine to take your boxing to the next level is the use of hand weights. Hand weights can be weighted gloves or dumbbells. This type of training is called strength training and involves punching up in the air with the weights in hand. The weights offer resistance to the hand, which strengthens them. Once you drop the weights, your hands will feel much lighter and thus faster.

With success in boxing being highly influenced by workout routines, it is essential to be well informed on the right workout equipment. This is especially important for beginners and pro boxers who want to work out at home. For professional advice on the best equipment to use, you can seek help from Fight Gear Direct.

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