5 Proven Reasons Why Good Building Design Is More Important Than Ever

building design important than ever
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Are you planning to get a new building for yourself or your business? Irrespective of the answer, you must have carefully planned all your investments. But have you researched what qualifies for a good building design?

Apart from all the other benefits, a well-planned and designed building is important for efficient energy consumption and sustainability. According to a study, buildings are responsible for as much as 40% of global carbon emissions.

So, let us understand a few reasons that have made building good design more important than ever before.

1. Better Quality of Life

Nothing is more important than the quality of life you experience every day. Nobody can live in a closed room with four walls and a door. We need good-interiors and also a stunning exterior design.

Buildings with good architecture and design are also responsible for the development of a society into a healthy neighborhood and a stronger business network.

A good building design is all about creativity and art. These ingredients do not just beautify our buildings but our lives too. Simply put, investing in your dream building’s design gives value to your living.

It gives immense satisfaction when your business partners or guests are impressed by your building design. For those who are into business, remember, your building’s design is the first impression of your brand.

2. Strengthens Surrounding Communities

Well designed buildings contribute to the development of our society. How? The quality of life we experience is responsible for one’s cultural progress. It further develops healthier and efficient habits for better sustainability. This further gets spread in our surrounding community and as a result, develops the entire community around us.

A well-designed building generally further attracts a good class of people to establish their own dream building around yours. As a result, this adds value to the entire society as a whole and further enhances the living experience for people.

3. It is Also Cost-efficient

Many people believe that a well-designed building is equivalent to an expensive building. The fact is quite opposite. A well-designed building is supposed to reduce maintenance costs in the long term, ultimately, increasing RoI.

For those who have a business set-up, a greatly designed building attracts a greater number of clients just by the impression of your brand. The location of the building, its surrounding traffic and the percentage of your target audience in the surrounding masses are the primary factors that you must keep in mind while investing in your building design.

For those who are using it for personal living, your building must have advanced technology in order to facilitate efficient energy consumption. These result in lower energy bills, thus, adding savings to your finance.

4. Contributing towards a Sustainable Planet

We all are aware of the need to contribute towards the sustainability of our planet. An efficiently designed building helps in achieving sustainable goals such as driving economic growth, addressing climate change, and similar others.

At a global level, well-designed buildings have the largest potential to contribute in reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared. Efficient use of renewable energy like solar energy, ideal site selection, appropriate materials, and modern intelligent design contributes largely towards the betterment of the ecosystem.

5. Check for Adequate Amenities and Features

A well-designed building has all the basic amenities and features that a building is expected to have. Right from advanced security systems to sustainable energy sources – everything is designed keeping the residents and society’s best interest

In a world of uncertainty, it’s wise to choose a design that can help you prevent most natural calamities and emergency situations including fire, earthquakes, or any act of climate change.

Wheelchair accessible entrances, multiple lifts to avoid the crowd in front of the lifts, waiting rooms for your clients, separate rooms for lactating mothers are some basic amenities that add value to your building.

For those planning to get a building in Australia, check out Hickory Group as they are an expert in each of the key areas of the construction business.

Over to You…

Now you know why a good building design is of such high importance, in today’s era. So, what are you waiting for? Hire a professional architect who can assist you in creating a good building design and then transforming it into a reality.

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