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Why Your Business Needs an Initial Production Inspection Service

During Covid-19, effective quality control is more important than ever. According to research, scientists have found that the virus can survive on glass, metal, and plastic surfaces for up to 9 days. In lower temperatures, some have lasted up to 28 days. Understanding the importance of an initial production inspection and how to find the right service for the job has never been more vital.

The Essential Quality Assurance Service for Better Production

This article will cover what an initial production inspection is, how an inspection team conducts one, and how it benefits your business. An initial production inspection is not just about checking the quality of your goods, but about getting some control. By hiring an inspection service, you are putting people on the ground in the production factories that’ll provide you with accurate reports of your order’s quality. These reports will give you a clearer picture of whether the manufacturer is meeting your specifications and requirements.

What Is an Initial Production Inspection?

An in-depth initial production inspection helps ensure that everything is right with all equipment, settings, and materials before continuing with production and finishing the rest of the purchase order. The service works as a safeguard to reduce waste and to prevent time-consuming and costly reworks. The team will serve as your eyes and ears in the factory, giving regular reports in the early production stages.

An initial production inspection, sometimes also referred to as a first article inspection, occurs at the beginning of batch production by an inspection team. Typically, the inspection process occurs until the factory produces 20% of an order. It is there to ensure that production will meet your specifications. The inspection could cover:

  • Assessing the raw materials and components needed for your production.
  • Confirming that the first of the production order meet your conditions or your own samples.
  • Making sure the factory understands and can meet your requirements.

You’ll also receive further quality control checks for up to 20% of mass production and accurate production schedule updates during that time.

The Benefits of Initial Production Inspection

Quality control in the initial production is an essential part of helping you avoid delays or defects. It is vital to discover any defects during the production so you can rectify them before they result in either fines or dissatisfaction of your customers. An initial production inspection can significantly aid a business in streamlining its supply chain section in multiple ways. Here are just a few of the benefits than an inspection service can bring:

  • Confirming that the raw materials fulfill the regulatory standards so that your business can avoid any fines at later stages.
  • The inspection service will assess the quality of raw materials to remove any quality issues or defects in the products.
  • The service will help streamline your production lines, therefore eradicating any delays and stoppages.
  • They’ll improve the quality of the products and ensure their quick delivery to meet customer approval.
  • Eliminate any issues when they first arise to stop them from becoming a chief issue or concern later into production.

How Is the Initial Production Inspection Conducted?

The inspection service will dispatch its team of experienced inspectors to your production site. These inspectors will go through a series of rigorous checklists and examine all aspects of the production line. During the initial production inspection, the inspectors will check various aspects of the production facility and the raw materials to guarantee a smooth and seamless production line. The inspection process usually starts a few weeks before a shipment is due so that your goods meet the highest standards and arrive to you promptly.

Why Should I Use an Initial Production Inspection Service?

As an international buyer, you often deal with poor communication. You want the manufacturers to understand you, and you want to make sure they meet your requirements. You also want to know that production will start efficiently with the right materials and the right processes. Having this information will give you peace of mind, and the inspection will verify that it meets your standards. The inspection service will confirm that the product will be of the best quality, which will help achieve a high customer satisfaction rate.

Picking the Right Service for the Job

It’s essential to go with a reliable and dedicated service that can fulfill every expectation. A service that you can trust to help control potential quality risks during production and in the supply chain. For manufacturing in China, there is no better service than Jonble. Their initial production checks will randomly sample your goods to the widely recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) standard. To learn more about their process, check jonble.com for more information and contact details.

In Conclusion

It’s unclear how long the virus will continue to affect things, but one thing is certain: business must continue. Having someone in the factory, checking to make sure everything is to your specifications, especially when there is concern about contamination, is invaluable. Get peace of mind, save time and money by getting updated reports so that production can meet your needs.

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