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10 Signs That You Need to Buy a New Car

Do you love cars? Do you own one? How old is it? Does it still run fine? These are some of the questions a desperate intern at a car sales agent might be bugging you with. Even though they may be pretty annoying trying to get you into a fishy scheme, sometimes, you do need to consider the possibility that you may actually need a new car.

Actually, you might need a new car but it does not have to be a fancy, shiny and attractive new car that sips fuel like a hungry monster. Something as practical as a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla will do just fine. You can shop not just for sedans, but crossovers are taking over the market right now.

You can search and find tons of affordable and reliable options, such as Mazda CX-3, Honda CR-V, or maybe the Subaru Outback. If you’re considering a used car, know that it may need some repairs or replacements to maximize its performance. Do your research and scout for new and accessible parts for your chosen vehicle. This part is especially important if you want your car to run in tip-top shape for a long time.

However, before you even decide to buy a new car, you must first know if you actually need a new car and bid farewell to the old one. Here are the 10 signs that you might actually be needing a new car:

1. Your car is unreliable

One of the biggest mistakes that you could have committed while purchasing your old car was buying an unreliable vehicle. An unreliable vehicle is like a pit that’s only good for sucking your money dry.

Considering the fact that you belong to an average middle-class family, you cannot afford to spend half of your salary on just repairs and maintenance. Without any clairvoyance, we can tell that it will only get worse from here on. So, it’s now the time to bid farewell to your old evil friend and say hi to a new one.

2. It’s been hit by a truck and needs a major overhaul

First of all, let’s hope you are alright and that accident has caused no damage to you, only your car. Your car is now totaled. The major concern for you is the cost of repairs. Even if, fortunately, the mechanic says that he can rebuild the entire car, think about the consequences and how much it would cost you.

Will the car run the same as before? Probably not. Will it lead to more problems? Probably. Will it look the same as before? Probably not. Should you sell it for scraps and just get a new car? Probably.

3. The car does not fulfill your needs

When you bought the car, you were single, so you chose to go with a cheap sedan with a cramped rear row. But now that you are happily married and have children, who are growing and can no longer fit in those obnoxious rear seats, it’s time to get a new car. Look for a larger sedan or a crossover that can easily fit your entire family. Also, get a car that offers more economy.

4. Safety is a concern for you

It’s no surprise that cars have a long way to go in terms of technology and safety. A modern car with an average safety rating is still a lot safer than a car that received 5-stars two decades ago. Safety is a major concern and you should never try to compromise, for you never know when disaster might befall. So, it is time to get a new car after checking its safety ratings from NHTSA and IIHS.

5. You constantly find yourself using the public transport for commute

If you have a car and still cannot get it to run and take you to your place of work, what good does it do? If it’s a car that has frequent issues and breakdowns, it’s not always possible to take it to the mechanic.

It would also be very anticlimactic if you were stuck in the middle of the road with no help. Anyway, these are troubling signs and you must probably sell it and get a new ride.

6. You are an aficionado of technology and modernity

Let’s say your car works just fine but it’s pretty old and devoid of any cool new features or tech. Also, it looks quite ancient. In such a case, you should consider getting a new car, as cars have a long way to go and include lots of new fun and interesting tech. It should make your life a lot easier and your daily commute a lot more enjoyable. It’s okay to spend your cash and treat yourself with that gift.

7. You just got a new job or a promotion

If money was the factor holding you back from getting rid of your pathetic old Chevy Spark that breaks down after every mile, well then, now you have the resources. If you recently hit the jackpot (literally or figuratively), then it’s high time for an upgrade.

No monetary woes are holding you back anymore, so just pull the trigger and get an exciting new car! Make sure to get a reliable one or the lottery money will run out rather quickly.

8. If it randomly decides to stop working one day

Umm, yeah. We don’t think this point needs any further elaboration. If your old car, which was on the verge of giving up any day, finally decides to give up, then keep it in your memory. Say your last goodbyes and happily go buy a new one.

9. Your co-workers or your friends always take pity upon you

We don’t want to make ourselves embarrassed in public, do we? No matter how perfect you are, if you own a less-than-perfect car, it will make you feel embarrassed nonetheless. If your co-workers or your friends constantly offer to drive, maybe they hate you or your car.

Considering it is the latter, you must ask yourself why. Maybe your car is way past its time or it constantly keeps running into trouble. So, it’s high time to stop making a fool of yourself and enter with that shiny new piece of metal on wheels.

10. You saw a new car online and fell in love with it

You already have a car, but it is rather old and the other day while browsing through Instagram, you spotted a car that makes you intrigued. You research about it and can’t stop thinking about it. The best part about the car is, it’s not something that will break your bank balance.

In such a case, it’s alright to just get that dopamine by ordering it. As we previously mentioned, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself. If you want something that you worked hard for, then it’s yours to enjoy.

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