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5 Tips When Buying Royal Canin Dog Food

Unlike humans who can just settle for any meal, food, or snack without much worry, dogs are much more complicated. You can’t simply feed your dog with any food if you value its health and wellbeing. So, kudos for settling for Royal Canin dog food—you chose well. But still, your work doesn’t end there.

The Royal Canin dog diet has different dog food variations, so you should know and only select what’s best for your fur baby. By providing your dog with the best Royal Canin dog food, you can help them stay fit, active, productive, and healthy. Here are 5 tips to guide you towards the right dog food choice:

1. Age Of The Dog

The nutritional contents of Royal Canin dog food differ, so you should know what would suit your dog based on its age. This is because the nutritional needs of dogs also vary depending on how old they are. Puppies need plenty of nutrients to help build their immunity and growth acceleration rate. As such, puppy foods contain higher levels of proteins, fats, and essential vitamins.

If you give your puppy Royal Canin dog food meant for adult or senior dogs, you might notice that they won’t look grown or be as healthy as they should. Adults, active, and growing dogs would need more calories to stay strong and remain healthy.

Senior dogs also require dog foods high in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins to fight symptoms of old age. Giving your fur baby dog the food that can properly serve their dietary requirements will help keep them healthy.

2. Breed Or Size Of The Dog

Like the age factor, your dog’s breed or size matters when you’re selecting Royal Canin dog food. For instance, large-sized dogs benefit more from dog food made from glucosamine than smaller dogs.

That’s because this compound is specifically targeted at improving the health of big dogs’ gigantic-sized joints. Some Royal Canin dog foods are specifically customized to suit the energy of small dogs or big dogs.

This means that if you’re giving your big dog the food meant for small dogs, his energy might decrease due to food or nutrient inadequacies. Also, the bite-size of dogs’ mouth is usually taken into consideration when dog foods are being formulated. This is why smaller breeds have kibbled meals, while larger breeds have more hefty meals.

More so, Royal Canin has some dog foods formulated to combat conditions and behavioral traits peculiar to some breeds.

3. Activity Level Of The Dog

The activity level of your dog is another factor to consider when buying dog food. If your dog is very active and participates in competitive sports, they’ll burn more calories than a less active one.

Just like sportspersons, athletic dogs also need nutrient-packed diets that would ensure lost nutrients are replenished. Also, they need less intake of junk diets and more nutrients that can boost energy.

Buying Royal Canin dog foods geared towards dynamic dogs will help keep your pet active enough to win more. On the other end, if your dog isn’t too active, you’d need to choose Royal Canin dog foods targeted towards dogs for weight management.

4. Specific Needs Of The Dog Based On Health Issues

If your dog is suffering from some health challenges or conditions, you’d need to factor that in when choosing their dog food. For instance, if your furry darling is allergic to some ingredients used in particular dog foods, you’d need to avoid those and choose a product that they can consume.

Your dog might require specific nutritional servings to manage and treat some conditions like eye disorders, skin disorders, arthritis, and the like. By choosing the right dog food, you’d help your dog combat their health condition properly.

Specific dog foods can also help calm your dog if they’re suffering from a stress-related disorder. Do you also know that Royal Canin has some dog foods specially formulated to prevent and manage specific conditions that are peculiar to some dog breeds?

For instance, Royal Canin has some food formulas to manage Miniature Schnauzers’ urinary tract issues, small breeds like chihuahuas’ dental disease, and even obesity common to some big dogs.

5. Dog Food Palatability

Palatability greatly matters when choosing any type of dog meal for your dog. Sadly, people tend to underestimate the power of palatability, forgetting that dogs are similar to humans. Just as humans can be picky with food, dogs can be picky as well. Before buying any selection of Royal Canin dog food, you should first let your dog have a taste test.

Better yet, you could buy a small starter pack to know if your dog would like your choice selection or not. It’s quite unlikely, though, that your dog won’t like the Royal Canin diet. It’s worth knowing that the Royal Canin brand also has a 100% money-back guarantee in case your furball dislikes the pet food.


Dog food manufacturers are increasingly producing dog food variations targeted at specific dog groups depending on breeds, ages, health conditions, and more. That’s why you should be aware of the particular type of Royal Canin dog food that would best suit your dog. The tips above will help you make the right choice for the health and wellness benefit of your dog.

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