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Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets With Arthritis

Arthritis most often affects middle-aged and older dogs and cats. It is a degenerative disease of the bones when the joint, due to instability, cause excessive bone movement. The cartilage surrounding the joint erodes due to exaggerated moves, so the bones begin to rub against each other. That causes chronic inflammation and pain and can negatively affect the quality of life of the animal.

Since the onset of this degenerative disease in pets, there has been much research on easing arthritis in animals. Most of these studies have focused on treatments to reduce pain and bring relief to furry patients. And as conventional drugs can sometimes be harsh to pets, researching natural remedies has started.

Before you start treating your pets with CBD for arthritis, you need to do some research on this supplement. Learn about how the animal’s body uses this substance, how it works, and what else you can do to bring relief to your suffering pet.

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CBD to the Rescue

When most people think about alternative therapies for their cats and dogs, they usually don’t consider CBD for treating arthritis. That’s unfortunate because CBD has many benefits for animals and can actually help them get back on track to health.

But keep in mind that this supplement is still not approved as an official therapy for any disease. You can just use it as an adjunct to conventional drugs that a vet prescribed to your four-legged friend.

There are many ways that you can treat and help your pet with this condition. Some of the traditional methods include drugs, exercises, and in the worst case, surgery. That’s up to your vet to decide, based on your pet’s health condition. The same goes for applying CBD. Feel free to ask your vet about this natural remedy.

How It Works

Did you know that CBD is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory substances in nature? That has been proven to be effective at reducing inflammation without damaging the joints and muscles. CBD acts as an immune system booster. It increases cell function and targets inflammatory pathways that cause chronic pain in animals with arthritis.

CBD acts like an endorphin, i.e., it increases pain thresholds. By giving the animal a small amount of CBD oil regularly, you can reduce joint swelling and inflammation. Plus, that will improve the animal’s circulation, increase energy, and provide them with overall well-being. It’s an option you don’t want to miss out on.

Know the Dosage

At first, your vet will likely recommend that you begin with a lower CBD dosage for treating arthritis in pets. That will help the supplement work better and may prevent side effects. If taken regularly, CBD oil can reduce the need for painkillers. But it still can’t replace conventional drugs.

It’s important to note that CBD can interact with some traditional drugs, so don’t give them to your pet at the same time. Make sure to ask your vet about that and read the labels carefully. For any other doubt, you can check out this website or contact the retailer or manufacturer for more information.

You should consider increasing the dose only if your pet’s condition worsens or if other treatments haven’t worked. Always consult your vet before doing that. If you happen to overdose your cat or dog with cannabidiol, then be sure to stop giving your pet the supplement immediately. Just in case, see your vet, even if there are no visible signs of intoxication.

Best Type of CBD for Treating Arthritis

As with any other natural supplement, it’s crucial to follow the directions on the label and ensure that you are not overdosing your pet with CBD. A full-spectrum oil is what most vets recommend for treating arthritis. It naturally takes a holistic approach to treat different health problems. This product contains a variety of substances besides cannabidiol, and each of them has certain health benefits.

THC is among these substances, as it belongs to cannabinoids too. Although its effect on animals is not favorable, the amount in full-spectrum oils is minimal and proven safe. You will check this by reading labels and checking the third-party lab report for a specific product.

It must include information on the amount of CBD, THC, terpenes, and other ingredients. By their combined action called ‘entourage effect,’ the result of using CBD oil will be even better.

Make Some Changes

Arthritis progresses over time and can lead to severe pain, lack of movement, and even the inability to walk. Besides CBD, you have to make some changes in your pet’s lifestyle to prevent these consequences. The best way to do that is by maintaining a healthy weight in your pet to reduce the pressure on the joints. The vet will determine special diets to ease this condition in dogs or cats.

Many pet owners are adding Vitamin E to their pets’ nutrition. This nutrient helps with relieving pain and stiffness. Another option is to administer fish oil. It contains many essential fatty acids, which are very useful in easing joint pain.

Many owners of pets with arthritis are turning to supplements such as CBD oil. It should curb the symptoms and eventually help their four-legged friends overcome this disorder.

But remember, this remedy won’t miraculously cure your pet. It’s meant to support reducing pain and inflammation. That’s why you should combine it with drugs that deal with the cause of the problem itself.

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