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Top Ways To Choose The Right Payroll Service For Small Business

A list of the company’s employees and their salaries is known as the payroll. It is the mechanism the business uses to track payments, pay employees, and record salaries and real pay stubs.

One of a business owner’s most crucial responsibilities is payroll. Payroll that is accurate and processed on time can help you stay in compliance with legal obligations and avoid penalties while also improving employee satisfaction. But there’s a lot to get right, from the essential employee data to tax withholdings, and that’s where payroll services come into play.

Payroll may be simple to manage on your own if you run a small firm with one or more employees and only minimal needs. However, if your business expands, having staff in various countries or being subject to statutory payroll rules can cause things to quickly get complicated.

Payroll service providers help companies of all sizes and industries automate their payroll procedures to improve worker production and accuracy.

What are the ideal options for small businesses is among the queries we receive most frequently from firms. This article will provide you with comprehensive guidance on how to pick the ideal payroll system for your small business.

Tips for choosing the best payroll service for your small business

There are many options and selecting the best payroll system for your business can be a daunting task.

But one thing is clear: even if you only have a few employees, it’s usually best to hire a payroll business rather than trying to do everything yourself. After all, paying for payroll services is usually a good investment.

Keep the following factors in mind as you pick the service that best suits your requirements:

• Pricing
• Tax guarantee
• Industry specifics
• Ease of use
• Universal access
• Integration
• Access to Benefits Management
• Support service


Payroll services for small businesses are typically priced at a monthly prime rate of $20 to $50 plus a fee per employee.

For example, a payroll service may cost $39 per month plus $6 per employee per month. Free trials are available at some companies, and we recommend taking advantage of them to get an idea of the payroll software or service. And, depending on the services you need, organizations often offer different plans or tiers.

Many companies that provide payroll services for small businesses also provide other human resources services, including help with onboarding and bookkeeping.

Tax Guarantee

For some business owners, the whole purpose of using payroll services is to avoid paying payroll tax fines or penalties.

As a result, several payroll firms provide a guarantee. They guarantee you won’t get fined, or they will give you your money back if you do.

However, don’t think of the lack of a guarantee as an obstacle: it all depends on whether the service is automated or done manually. If you are solely responsible for uploading and sending payroll, your payroll taxes are unlikely to be guaranteed.

Industry Specifics

If you work in an industry with special payroll requirements, double-check to see if the solution you choose can handle them.

Restaurants, for example, require special payroll forms for tips. There is also additional paperwork that must be completed if you use independent contractors. If the payroll service you choose can’t meet these unique needs, you should reconsider your decision.

Ease of Use 

Regardless of whether you use a mobile app, desktop software, or full-service agency, your payroll solution should be simple to use. You don’t want to learn how to utilize payroll software as much as you would if you were doing it manually, after all.

So, to determine whether the payroll solution you’re contemplating makes sense, look at internet reviews, examine screenshots, and, if possible, do a free trial.

Universal Access

How much can your company afford? As we all know, affordability is a personal matter. Although most of the payroll service providers on this list have comparable prices, some offer complete functionality. Others provide a basic package with the option to add more features for a cost.

Also, remember that although some programs’ base pricing can be higher, it might be less expensive if all features were included.


You want a payroll service that syncs with the applications you already use, such as time and attendance systems and accounting software, whether the integrations are built-in or can be made via an API. 

Access to Benefits Management

You’ll need access to features for benefits management if you provide benefits to your employees. This can include standard benefits management as well as access to public health, life, and disability—insurance plans.

In addition, if you currently offer benefits such as group life insurance over $50,000, private car usage, employee assistance, or gym memberships, you may need to add value to these benefits as income. Ensure that this option is available in your payroll department.

Support Service

Is it possible to contact this service by phone? Would you like to communicate by email? What if you had live chat support? Would their office hours be appropriate for your company? Have you tried calling their customer service several times to see if they are friendly?

Payroll is complicated, even with the greatest small business payroll services. It’s critical to have the right solutions for customer support in case something goes wrong, and more importantly, to help you with any difficulties with payroll compliance.


How do you choose one of the best payroll services for your small business? Take into account the elements we covered before, such as industry, features, and budget, while making your choice.

In addition, many of the best small business payroll providers provide free trials, making it easy to compare features and determine what offers the most value for your needs.

Try the packages that seem ideal to you, see what systems you and your employees are most familiar with, and then look at the cost to see what you can afford.

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