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6 Factors to Consider While Choosing Dog Food

There is no better feeling than cuddling your dog after a long, tiring day. But that is only possible when you are feeding the dog right and he is maintaining good health.

Like humans, for dogs as well, food plays a crucial role in well-being. But at the same time, unlike humans, they cannot watch out for themselves. They need their “hooman” and that is you.

You know you are feeding your dog right when you can see him high on energy, hopping throughout the day with that waggy tail and the eyes, bright and clear. And most importantly, they are always ready to cuddle!

But here is the thing, choosing the right food for your furry little bud is quite a struggle. Plus, the availability of so many dog foods out there has only made your task even more difficult.

This is why I have rounded up a list of points that you must consider before you buy your dog’s food. They are sure to make your life easier. So, let’s dive in!

1. Breed, Activity, and Size

The physical attributes of your dog including, age, breed, energy levels, and of course, size, play a crucial role. When it comes to age, like humans, senior dogs need to be fed less than the younger ones. Similarly, if the dog is of a big breed, they need more food.

You also need to pay attention to their daily activities. If the dog is playing a lot, or it is a couch potato. Further, if the dog is lactating, they need more food.

Most dog owners fail to do this and most times, their buds are either over or underfed, both of which are bad. So, before you hit the markets to buy your dog’s food make sure you know everything about its breed, stage of life, and all the other specifics.

2. Know the nutrients

For dogs, their diet must consist of at least 18 to 22 percent of protein and 5 to 8 percent of fats. For puppies, to support their growing bodies, their protein content should be 22% or more and fats around 8%, if not more. The rest should be filled with vital vitamins and minerals.

All of this is found in animal ingredients like in the meat of chicken and eggs. You can see dogs need a high protein diet and a small amount of healthy fats. They also need to be fed enough vegetables and fruits to fulfill their vitamin and mineral needs.

3. Know the quality of the ingredients

Now that we have discussed what you need, the next thing on your list should be to know whether the above-listed ingredients in your dog food are of good quality or not. How do you do that? Simple, just read the ingredients, at the back of the pack.

If it directly mentions ingredients like chicken, meat, beef, salmon, or lamb, it is fit for your dog. But if it mentions something like meat byproduct, understand that they are providing inferior quality meat.

4. What should be avoided?

You need animal meat for protein, vegetables, and fruits, for vitamins and minerals. Anything else is not needed.

You will see a lot of dog food that is filled with grains. There are two schools of thought, one believes grain is needed and the other believes they don’t. However, both agree to the fact that dogs don’t need their meals to be primarily filled with grains.

So, you can include grains in your dog’s diet but it may not be on your priority list. Further, dogs don’t need dairy products or sodium-rich food.

5. Always shop from trusted vendors

In today’s day, food, and packaged food specifically, sees a lot of adulteration. Dog food isn’t free from this either.

So, it is always nice to buy from a trusted dealer. If you don’t know where to begin, explore the catalog at – they are one of the most reliable and trusted animal food sellers in the industry.

6. Keep experimenting

Like humans, every dog is different. Some are overweight, some under, some train a lot, some not at all, some have oral issues, some don’t. So why do you think their diet can be the same?

Keep all these aspects in mind before you walk into the store, looking at the aisle, and life will be a lot simpler, especially if you have read this article, full.

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