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Tips for Choosing the Magnetic Screen Door

Are your small children trying to reach for locks and latches to open the front door? Well, there’s a solution for this. Installing magnetic screen doors will help eliminate this problem. These doors are easy to open and close.

Spring is also fast approaching, and bugs from the blossoming plants come with the season. Also, there’ll be an increase in outdoor activities. Coming out and also going out of the house endlessly. With all these activities, you may find insects entering your house.

It’s frustrating to have insects all over your beautiful, well-furnished house, and that’s why you need to install magnetic screen doors which will counteract this forever.

This door has magnets that close immediately when you enter or leave the house. Therefore, it will limit the insects and dust from entering the house. For these reasons, here are the best tips for choosing the best magnetic screen door. 

Economical Choice

Choose a Magnetic Screen Door that is affordable. But, remember cheap does not guarantee quality, so buy a screen mesh you feel is affordable according to your needs. Also, choose a high-quality screen door to give you a long-lasting solution.

Material used

There are two materials commonly used to make magnetic screen doors; fiberglass and polyester. Polyester is suitable for allowing natural light in your house, while fiberglass will allow sufficient fresh air in the house. 

Recently, ABS plastic is being used to make easily accessible pet magnetic screen doors. ABS plastic is strong, and you can make a separate entrance for your pet to avoid it scratching and cutting through the magnetic mesh.

Ensure all items needed for installation are packed

Magnetic screen doors come with fasteners, adhesive strips, and magnetics. These are all used for installing the magnetic mesh. If one of these items is not there, your magnetic door will not be installed successfully. Check that the manual is present to guide you in installing the screen door.

Make sure you have the correct measurements

Before buying your new magnetic screen door, take the measurements for your door frame. Measure the width and height of the frame.

When buying, ensure you have the right magnetic door that perfectly fits your door. Never assume that it’s all-size because magnetic mesh comes in different sizes.

Buy from reliable sources

Be sure to buy a magnetic screen door from a reliable source. This way, you’re guaranteed the quality of the mesh and its durability. If there is any manufacturing fault, your supplier can easily replace the magnetic screen door for you.

Most suppliers have a 30-day-return policy, and they can replace your screen mesh if you return before the 30-day period lapses.

Door Type

Technology keeps changing each day. The magic mesh is now available for double, single, and garage doors. All these doors have different requirements for installing magnetic screen doors. Choose the magnetic mesh depending on the type of door you want to install on.

Take Away

With magnetic screen doors, enjoy the magical experience of having a dust-free house with no insects crawling on your floors. Follow the manual for guidelines and be sure the screen door fits your door to work effectively.

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