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Things You Need to Consider about Latest Condo Launch in Singapore

When it comes to buying your first home, the latest condo launch is the one thing most people can’t wait to hear about in Singapore. But with so many developments in the market, finding that perfect property can be daunting.

Here are some things you need to know before taking the plunge at any of these latest launches.

1. Be ready to act fast

Yes, be ready to see the latest launch as it usually gives great offers. The effectiveness of any latest condo launch in Singapore usually lasts for about five days until the next launch, so you’ve got to be quick on your feet when it comes to making an offer. And if it’s highly anticipated, like the upcoming Park Place Residence, expect the competition to be brutal.

2. The room configuration of 99-year leases is not ideal

One bedder and three-bedders are often too small for today’s new generation family needs. If you need more than one bedroom or more of you in your family who would like their rooms, do note that older properties tend to have smaller spaces between rooms, which can get very cramped after some time.

3. Ask about the structure quality

Make sure you ask questions to know what kind of construction would be used in your dream property. Today, most buildings use unique flat concrete slabs, which are much more robust and challenging than traditional reinforced steel bars. It’s also harder to find a contractor these days who still uses wire mesh instead of using cement for compressive strength.

While wire mesh is cheaper, it can corrode after a while when exposed to seawater. The result: cracks on the concrete surface, leading owners to pay high repair bills down the road. If you plan to live in an area with high rainfall, carefully consider this structure quality before signing anything just yet.

4. Check the location carefully

Even if your dream property is just next to a new MRT station, you must consider more than just the convenience of using the train to travel around Singapore. You also need to think about how exposed or sheltered you would be from South-East Asia’s tropical climate and natural disasters like floods.

If you’re not sure about what lies beyond your condo, check out satellite maps on Google Maps and see which areas are flooded during heavy rain. This way, avoid getting yourself into a corner too exposed or surrounded by tall buildings so that it gets difficult for helicopters to rescue you in times of emergency. Plus, if there’s a fire, good ventilation is essential too.

5. Ask about the surrounding amenities

Most of us want to live and work in places where we can shop and socialize nearby. So while you’re checking out new developments, make sure that your preferred choice has plenty of shopping malls and transport hubs within walking distance so that you wouldn’t need to travel very far for anything at all.

Plus, do keep an eye out for any upcoming plans, such as more housing projects or high-speed rail lines, which may emerge over time since it may make getting around even easier in the future. And if you’ve got kids or elderly parents who would need care now and then, don’t forget to ask about the availability of medical facilities in the surrounding areas.

With the launch, there is a new opportunity for customers to own high-quality living spaces at affordable prices. This project has been envisioned by many people who have lived and worked here for years. The location of this condominium offers an abundance of shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and other conveniences that are just minutes away from home.

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