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Here’s Why Every Sports Fan Should Consider Making A Trip To The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals are one of the most watched sporting events on the planet and have often produced some of the most thrilling and climactic conclusions to a sporting campaign with almost every rendition, as the 2021/22 Finals are already shaping up to be an unmissable event for all sporting fans.

US sports fans will often be spoilt for choice on major sporting events to attend with various boxing/MMA cards being a proud favorite amongst fans as well as the numerous league-based competitions such as the Superbowl and the World Series.

While the Superbowl will forever remain the true gem of any US sporting event, the NBA Finals are often sighted as being the closest competition in terms of popularity and media coverage which marks this year’s event as an intriguing one of any hardcore sporting fanatics.

Attending a legendary encounter at the yearly Superbowl events is often sighted as a major bucket-list attraction for fans given the magnificent stature and history that such a competition provides as well as the surrounding fan interaction and festivities that take place across the entire weekend.

The NBA Finals are spilt across several games rather than one outing and are the best of seven series that can result in most games circulating between the two hosting teams arenas, rather a previously selected venue much like the Superbowl.

Although the NBA Finals are often unable to draw the considerable numbers and attention that the Superbowl provides, this is still a must-have event for any basketball fans or sports fans in general to attend.

Which teams could progress to this year’s NBA Finals?

There is a great range of elite NBA franchises that are among the favorites to represent their respected conference within the latest NBA Finals odds, with the Golden State Warriors (+220), Phoenix Suns (+230) and Boston Celtics (+425) all standing at the best odds throughout this current juncture.

The Miami Heat (+550), Milwaukee Bucks (+800), Philadelphia 76ers (+3500), Dallas Mavericks (+4500) and Memphis Grizzlies (+10000) are also among the other clubs still competing for a chance to win the coveted Larry O’Brien championship trophy this year.

Why more fans should look to attend the NBA Finals this year?

Even if you are not among the biggest or most enlightened sporting fans of basketball, the NBA Finals should still remain a viable destination for enthusiasts looking to enjoy some high stakes sporting events.

The entire premise and build-up surrounding the Finals is often palpable which in-turn heightens the anticipation surrounding the events beginning to the maximum, and as such, these games usually never fail to disappoint.

While the NBA Finals are usually looked upon as being a much younger event than most sporting competitions, there is still an unwavering amount of history and legendary status surrounding the event from previous seasons, including the phenomenal 2016 Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors and other games such as the sixth game of the 1998 Finals between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz which proved to be Michael Jordan’s final game in a Bulls jersey.

Fans who attend the event could bear witness to a singular moment that could be embedded into the history books and discussed for years to come as one of the most legendary in sporting history.

The NBA, and the sport of basketball as a whole, now focuses around a much more pace and space orientated game which can result in most games being high scoring encounters that can go down to the wire, with this year’s Finals also likely to follow this format and potentially setting up some thrilling games rather than the methodical pace that most fans endured throughout the early 2000s.

Fans who attend the NBA Finals can often be treated to a star-studded lineup of names both on and off the court as some of the world’s biggest celebrities will often be seen siting courtside or amongst a sea of fans within the arena’s raucous crowd.

The atmosphere will often be tense and exhilarating throughout the entire series no matter what arena will play host to this year’s finals, and with the Finals often drawing such high attendance numbers, there will often be a greater listing of fans travelling to the games from across the world.

Fan interaction is often a key part of NBA encounters throughout the regular season and playoffs, but the Finals are without a doubt the biggest stage available in basketball and as such fans will rally around their beloved team in the hopes that they could lift the prestigious title.

With this year’s rendition of the NBA Finals drawing ever closer, the anticipation surrounding the series beginning will be heavily discussed amongst sports fans ahead of planning any future attendances for the major games.

It is sure to be an enticing event that all sports fans must experience at least once in their lifetime.

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