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How to Make Sure Your Customer Stays Connected to You

Getting a new customer is always exciting, especially for smaller-scale businesses. At the same time, if a customer makes one purchase, it does not necessarily mean that they will become your regular supporters.

Customer retention is as necessary as lead generation or sales. But how do you earn clients’ loyalty? We have seven tips for you to build a working customer retention strategy.

Tip #1: Use an email signature

Let’s start with the easiest way to make your relationships with the customers last longer: an email signature. Let’s face it: you are sending emails to your clients all the time. These can be order confirmations, brand updates, newsletters, and so on. 

To make each letter give your customers more information, you can use email signature software. In this way, every email you send will automatically have all the links your clients might find helpful. Let’s agree, it is way easier to make a new purchase if you already have all the information and links at hand and don’t need to look anything up. So what can you include in your brand’s email signature?

• Banner (with a link to call/chat)

A banner can be the best choice for your email signature. With the available tools, you can even draw signature yourself for a more personalized approach. A stylish banner will definitely catch an eye and make your addressees click the link to find out more. 

• CTA buttons

Call to action buttons can be a great alternative to banners. If you have a particular offer for your customers, such as a good discount or a free eBook, the CTA button is exactly what you need. Remember to make your slogan actionable and clearly express what the customer will get.

• Social media icons

One more thing to include in your email signature is social media links. It is best to hide the link under the icon, so the users can just click on it and get redirected to your page. We will discuss social media more later on, but one thing to remember is to be active online and not just give a link to a profile where nothing ever happens.

Tip #2: Make the “Contact Us” page easy to find

Imagine a customer stumbling upon your website. They already bought something from you and want to get one more item. But there is one thing: they have a question concerning the delivery terms because the purchase will be a birthday gift; they need it this week. How do they contact you?

Needless to say that if there is no contact information clearly indicated, a person will rather find another company than spend time trying to reach out to you. Therefore, remember to make your “Contact Us” page really easy to find, even somewhat obvious. It can be a separate section on your website or a pop-up.

Tip #3: Regularly post on social media

It is hard to imagine a business that doesn’t have social media profiles today. Often, it might not be your website that the potential customers check out first but your social media. And it is clear why: Instagram or Facebook show the information that is for sure up-to-date and demonstrates what is going on right now. 

Imagine that you bought a nice pair of jeans from a local brand. Now, you saw on Instagram that they are offering discounts for one week. You will probably be happy to find out about that and buy something because you already know that the quality is good.

What is more, having an active social media account helps you establish closer relationships and build trust with your current customers. If you have a great SMM strategy, the chances are that your clients will likely want to continue supporting your brand.

Tip #4: Send newsletters via email

We have already briefly discussed how emails can help you retain customers. Let’s now focus on one particular email type: newsletters. Why those? Because when we talk about someone who is already your customer, the biggest task is to keep them interested in your brand. 

Newsletters contain all the information your customers wouldn’t be happy to miss out on, such as current offers, new products, or events. Additionally, it is a way to give them something exclusive, such as an invitation for a customer-only event or a free online resource — people always appreciate such things.

Tip #5: Add in-app notifications or pop-ups

If you have your own app, it gives you an immense advantage. You don’t have to reach out to your customers via email or social media but can contact them directly on the app. In-app notifications and pop-ups work perfectly for calls to action and other promotional materials.

When using such a strategy, keep in mind not to be too annoying. One message is enough to get someone interested; there is no need to send multiple notifications. What is more, remember to send such notices at the right time not to interrupt your users when they need to complete an action in the app.

Tip #6: Collect feedback during demos or support chats

There is no way to grow as a business if you do not take your customers’ feedback into account. Client feedback is what can help you improve. What is not evident to the owner of the brand can be a significant issue for a customer.

The easiest way to gather reviews is during demos or in a support chat. Why? Because you are already in touch with the client at that moment, so most probably they won’t refuse to answer a question or two.

Tip #7: Run webinars for clients

This strategy might require a bit more effort from you, but the result will definitely be worth it. Organizing webinars is a great way to keep your clients interested in the brand and give new information.

You can discuss a particular problem your customers might have and suggest the solutions to it using your products. As we are talking about your current clients, meaning that they already have some awareness about your company, there is no need to make webinars about more general topics but rather try to focus on some specifics instead. 

The bottom line

As you can see, staying in touch with your clients is not as hard as it might seem. The methods we discussed today are mostly free to implement and do not require too much time from you. Instead of thinking about new complicated ways to retain your clients, you may just use the platforms you already have, such as your emails or social media: the result will be the same or even better, thanks to the effective digital marketing strategies.  

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