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Dating Services and the Future: What’s in Store for Us?

A few decades ago we could barely create email addresses and were struggling to find matches. Fast forwarding slightly only a few years ago, we now struggled with Craigslist ads and filtering scammers. Now we are encountering new technologies daily that make our lives easier. Almost all these technologies are a virtue of the internet.

As dating services evolve, the future seems bright for daters. Using matchmaking algorithms, technology is already working to make finding a match easier. Dating services no longer require unnecessary input from those seeking lovers. With a few details regarding age, gender, relationship preferences, and location, you can find love from the comfort of your home.

Ease of Use

Technological advances like mobile apps, AI, and algorithms have worked wonders for the dating world. As AI slowly gets integrated into our daily lives, finding a Latina wife will become increasingly easier. Most of the technology we are already applying daily will have added widgets and upgrades for better matchmaking. Examine the following:

1. SmartWatches and bracelets

Those gadgets used in fitness to measure beats per minute and other physiological aspects will help in dating. Imagine a SmartWatch keeping track of heartbeats when you are around a crush. Picture the same watch suggesting people who are good for you based on such stats, and those who bring anxiety. This technology can also tell you if someone brings your heart rate down to a healthy level, or if the excitement is abnormal.

2. VR-Dating

This form of dating is based on virtual reality. The idea is to get as close to reality as possible, yet not physically meeting. VR dating will allow you to meet the person you’ve been engaging with online, while still online. The difference is getting to see them wherever they are in their natural state, including movement. It might also allow you to go on dates virtually, making it closer to reality than streaming.

3. DNA-Based dating

This might seem pretentious but determining a suitable candidate using genes makes for a perfect system. You can identify people who might create offspring with disorders in the future. Incidentally, it might help sieve non-matching folks based on being disease-prone and the like.

4. Smart Irises

Let us call them lenses in layman’s terms. Picture a world where lenses immediately analyze your date’s reactions, gestures, and those responses that go unnoticed. A little extra winking and veins popping out when certain questions are asked are signs you may not notice. It will be essential when preparing a blueprint for matches and the lenses, including an app, would suggest matches nearby.

5. AI in matchmaking

Artificial intelligence comes in various forms, for different uses and applications. Using AI in dating would mean a future where matches are almost 99 percent accurate. It is the equivalent of Facebook suggestions only ten times better. AI will be able to pull up your most searched topics and match them with others. It will also find your BIOs and other pertinent stuff to find a match. Essentially, AI will be able to stand in your place and find you a match in seconds, as opposed to weeks or months.

Bottom Line

If you think dating sites are working fast to find your love, brace for the future. It might become surreal when an actual match is found in a matter of seconds. The strangest part of this whole affair is that you may be living with a match in your neighborhood, yet not know them. This is why technology works wonders. It removes the element of shyness while working with less time.

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