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Stylishly Decorate Your Living Room for Winter

According to a recent survey done by YouGov, 27% of people decorate their home seasonally, particularly in the winter months when Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas fall. 70% focus on the interior of their home during the holiday season, using fabrics, lighting and decor to give their living space an inviting, warm feeling.

If you are looking to decorate for winter, go for lush materials and subtle lighting to give your home a warm and stylish look, so you can’t wait to come in from the cold and enjoy getting under the blanket with a hot chocolate.

Take inspiration from Scandinavia

According to the Gallup World Happiness poll, the top four countries with the happiest population are Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. One of the reasons for positivity in Scandinavian countries is the construct “hygge.” This word is often translated as “coziness,” but can be applied to both people and their surroundings.

It is easy to bring the hygge into your home, just imagine how you would like your living room to be on a cold, dark winter evening. Bring in the warm blankets, light the fire and decorate your mantel piece with delicate candles in glass jars. Steer away from brash, modern, geometric prints, and embrace everything that is old-fashioned, comforting and homely.

Use throws and rugs

Rather than changing your sofas and chairs, decorating your living room furniture with throws is an inexpensive and effective way to create a stylish living room. For winter, go for lush faux furs that look like beautiful wolf pelts. Natural colors like soft greys, creams and browns work best to give your living room a feeling of warmth.

On the floor, lay down a couple of faux sheepskin rugs – texturally you will want to kick off your shoes and run your toes through the soft fur. You can also decorate your sofas with pillows made from soft fabrics like velvet and corduroy, for next-level comfort.

Change up your lighting

Lighting can make all the difference to how your living room looks – harsh overhead or neon lighting might look modern, but they don’t give the feeling of warmth that makes a living room look cozy. Floor and table lamps with yellow bulbs are a more subtle way to light your living space for the winter months. You could also look at re-covering your lampshades with natural fabric or putting up new light shades.

Around your living room, decorating with tea light candles will give your space a festive and warm look – just make sure that you place them in jars or holders and keep candles away from fabrics, curtains and blinds. Strings of warm-colored fairy lights are another effective way of making your living space look warm and inviting during winter.

In the winter months, bringing the hygge to your living room can make you feel cozy and comfortable. Take inspiration from the Scandinavians and decorate with natural fabrics and faux furs that you will just want to snuggle under when it gets dark.

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