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How To Design Your Own Cards On A Budget

Sending your family and friends handmade cards can be a delightful and thrifty pastime. When designing your cards, you’ll see that the style delivers the feelings you want to send.

Of course, anyone can drive to a shop, buy a card, and mail it. Nevertheless, when your loved ones know that you personally crafted cards for them, they’d feel how extra-special they are to you.

For this kind of project, the three essential components are inks, cards, and rubber stamps. While you can invest in pricey and high-quality cards, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing regular cardstock. Do you want to know more? Continue reading this article and learn how to design your own cards while on a budget.

Search For The Right Paper Supplies

Have you ever noticed the lovely wrapping papers and gift bags beside the card section of a shop? These materials the same exact resources you can use for your cards. Typically, gift bags use thicker paper, which is fitting for cardmaking. Select the gift bag you like, then spread out the bag and cut the shapes you want.

On the other hand, you’ll notice that wrapping papers are on the flimsy side, so it would be best to have a bulkier paper to back it up. Wrapping papers may require a bit more work, but they can make for a fantastic supplement to any card design.

You can utilize a spray adhesive to stick your wrapping paper to card stock for a clean look. Carefully lay down the wrapping paper on the sprayed card and flatten it using a folder or your fingers to prevent air bubbles or creases.

Recycle Old Paper And Cards

Indeed, recycling is an excellent method to save up cash. Look around you, and you’ll discover numerous items you can convert into a handmade card. For instance, you can use old calendars for your project since they feature shiny heavyweight paper suitable for stamping.

Alternately, you can stick two used papers together and design your card on the blank area. Do you have beautiful scrap papers left from a previous task? Note that these exquisite pieces are expensive, so it would be best to repurpose them.

If you have a die-cut machine, cut a variety of shapes from your scrap papers. Once finished, incorporate those shapes as embellishments on your cards. Also, look out for partially used bundles of card blanks that are often for sale. These offers are great opportunities for you to save on supplies.

Search For Printable Cards

In case you don’t have time to be crafty, there is a variety of online thinking of you cards you can easily customize and print. Moreover, you can select from various designs to suit the occasion. Since you’ll be saving a lot from your card, you can increase your budget if you’re planning to buy an additional gift.

Design Postcard-Style Cards

Another way to save your hard-earned dollars is to design postcard-style cards. Like regular postcards, create your decoration on the card’s face and write your message at the back. In doing so, not only do you preserve blank cards, but you get to save on costs as well.

Distress Card Edges

A trick that craft paper enthusiasts and card makers employ to design their project is distressing card edges. Do you notice a white core area when you cut papers? What you can do to conceal this portion is to darken these corners.

With the edges darkened, it provides your card a grunge or aged effect that increases your material’s depth.

Show Your Origami Skills

If you love origami, then you can use your skills to amp up the look of your card. You have many options as to how you can add origami to your project.

To make your card look attractive, you can insert a folded heart, a paper fan, or any excellent shape that will boost its aesthetics.

Utilize Your Paper Punches

Do you likewise engage in scrapbooking or other types of crafting? If your answer is yes, then you most likely have paper punches. To add creativity to your card, you can put various beautiful shapes to your project.

Begin by punching various shapes with contrasting sizes out of your scrapbook paper, then attach them to your cardstock. If you’re feeling crafty, you can glue other embellishments, such as gems, buttons, flowers, sticks, or sequins.

Besides the above, you can likewise design your card with corner punches to give it a clean look. Suppose you’re planning to insert photos into your handmade card. In that case, you can also employ the same punch to give your picture a trendy and updated appearance.

Use Free Online Fonts

When surfing online, you’ll notice that most fonts can be expensive. Then again, there are also free fonts you can use to save your finances. With calligraphy being prevalent today, you can find charming handwriting fonts on the web.

Please take note, however, to carefully pick a credible website where you’ll get your free fonts since some sites offer low-quality typefaces. Once you’ve already chosen, print your text on a colored sheet of paper.

If you have a simple card, you can add more tone to it by inserting a scrapbook paper below your message. Additionally, if you own rubber stamps, try distressing your card’s corners to give it a vintage feel.


Giving gifts to your loved ones shouldn’t be a grueling and costly activity. Sending them cards that you personally designed will show how you remember and care for them. Crafting greeting cards is also an enjoyable and straightforward artsy project your whole family can spend time on.

Besides surprising the card receiver with your creative skills, what’s excellent with designing your cards is that you’ll be able to stay within your budget. Yes, it’s possible because most of the supplies you’ll use are available in your home.

Occasionally, you can also ask your friends or family if they want to purchase materials with you in bulk. In this manner, your group will be able to grab an excellent deal and save money.

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