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How To Determine The Quality Of Coffee Beans

Coffee is a favorite drink for millions of people. In case you are one of the coffee lovers, you might be wondering how to choose the best beans for making a fantastic coffee. In this post, you will find out the hottest tips on how to determine the quality of coffee beans and select the best alternatives on your market.

One-way Valved Bags

The packaging of your coffee is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best coffee beans. According to most experts, one-way valved bags are the best packaging for storing coffee. The fact is that it allows the roasted beans to degas.

Moreover, this type of packaging prevents oxygen ingress. Cans and other popular methods of storing coffee remain questionable.


There are not many countries that can offer premium quality beans and take care of the entire process of preparing coffee. In most cases, it might be a good idea to choose the best colambian coffee beans. The beans usually have different scents and flavors, so you can choose any according to your particular preferences.

By the way, it is also important to prepare coffee with the help of a good and trusty coffee machine. In case you are looking for the best one to buy, this budget coffee makers buying guide might appear to be very helpful.

Stick To Arabica

There is nothing new that there are two most common types of coffee. These are Robusta and Arabica. Robusta is usually a cheaper alternative. As a rule, it contains more caffeine than Arabica. However, Arabica has a richer taste and flavor. In case you are a gourmet coffee, it is better to choose Arabica. Although it is not as budget-friendly as Robusta, it is definitely worth trying.

Pay Attention To The Roast Date

Here is one secret trick from the professional coffee gurus: always choose packages with an exact date the coffee was roasted. It is always better to purchase fresh coffee beans that won’t sit on the shelf longer than a few days.

In case you pick up packages with the “best by” dates, you will just buy coffee that was produced to last as long as possible. Therefore, its basic properties, including taste and aroma, might be significantly reduced.

Determine What You Really Like

The basic thing you need to come up with is to choose either Arabica or Robusta. On the one hand, arabica has a smooth and acidic taste. On the other hand, Robusta will provide you a stronger and more bitter taste. Although Arabica is considered a more quality bean, Robusta still has lots of admirers due to its powerful and rich taste.

Moreover, buying Arabica doesn’t guarantee to purchase quality coffee beans. Therefore, many experts advise not to stick to focus on Arabica or Robusta but choose a brand or roaster according to your particular preferences.

Furthermore, it is better to pick up a local roaster to get the freshest possible beans. This way, you will get the best experience of drinking a top-notch drink with an unforgettable taste.

Try And Taste

The most effective way to pick up the best beans is trial and error. You can buy several types of coffee beans and choose the tastiest one. In case you want to make a purchase more wisely, just answer this simple question. Do you like coffee from Starbucks? If your answer is no, then it is better to select light-colored and dry beans that will offer a light and smooth taste.

In case you answered “yes,” it might be a good idea to purchase beans that were roasted a bit longer. This way, your coffee beans should have a darker and more shiny look. As a result, you will enjoy drinking coffee with a strong and bitter taste. Both alternatives are quality beans, so you can choose any without hesitation. The only parameter to consider is your individual preference.

Amount of Caffeine

It is important to note that different types of coffee beans contain different amounts of caffeine. You can often find this info right on the packaging. Dark roasts usually contain lower amounts of caffeine, while the light roast is likely to provide you a caffeine boost. By the way, espresso beans usually come up in a medium roast.

Whole or Ground Beans

In case you prefer buying ground beans, it is better to pay attention to their consistency. If your beans look like sand, they are usually light beans. In case the grounds are sticking to each other, these are dark beans.

It is worth mentioning that the best coffee is usually prepared from beans grounded a couple of moments ago. This way, you will get a perfect drink with an amazing aroma. Still, the best advice is to choose fresh beans that haven’t been lying on the shelf for weeks or months.

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