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Trash Into Cash! What To Do With Unwanted Stuff And How You Can Easily Get Rid Of It

Let’s start with a cliche: one man’s trash is the other man’s treasure! You may think that no one would ever want that ancient set of Titanic movies on DVD or grandma’s old kitchen utensils, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Many of those fascinating items can become someone’s treasured belongings through the internet “yard sale” (since the real ones are not such a good option anymore): you just need to know how to do that!

And this is exactly what we will do today: explore all the ways you can sell your old junk and get some money in exchange.

Where can you sell it?

Want to know how to get money fast by selling your stuff? Then go to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook marketplace where you really can make money fast and sell your things really quickly.

Another nice place is Craigslist or NextDoor, for selling random things, but for some items like tech or jewelry, it is better to go to dedicated places like BuyBack Express and Etsy, respectively.

In our opinion, the best option is to make as many ads as you can on all these websites to multiply your chances to sell your stuff quickly. Some websites (eBay, for example) have fees for their services, but it can be really profitable for you if you have some special items in mind to sell.

Those are our general tips, and in the next part, we will describe what can be sold through the internet and mention a couple of specific places where you can sell them.

Let’s talk clutter

Not everything, though, is a piece that should be sold. You see, even if you love this baggy t-shirt from the Iron Maiden 2008 tour, there’s a chance that no one really needs it. But that was a very bad example: of course, many would want this shirt! But let’s talk a little bit more about what and how you can sell other valuable clutter of yours.


The most obvious choice here is to sell your gadgets to a trade-in service. Manufacturers offer pretty good money for their old gadgets. Apple, for example, uses all the old iPhones to make new ones or repair other iPhones, so it is a simple win-win situation.

You can also use a trade-in program from an online gadget store like Swappa or just give it to charity through websites like Globetops. It will give you much more than just money!

Video materials

Here we talk not only about DVDs and CDs, but also VHS tapes. Remember those?

If you want to give one a chance to enjoy vintage TV instead of Netflix streaming, you can do it by getting rid of the old tapes on marketplaces or specialized used DVD stores like UsedDVD.

Also, if you have unique, historical, or just interesting videos that are not copyrighted, and you want to get more of them, you can convert DVD files to MP4 and sell them as separate items. I bet you never knew that your grandma’s wedding record from the 1960s, once converted to a DVD, can get a whole new life in a digital era, thanks to video converters.

Clothes and jewelry

If we talk about vintage pieces, the best option here is eBay and online thrift shops like Thredup. Also, do not forget about Etsy with its millions of sellers and really low fees for placing the items.

And a word about Goodwill! You can sell many good items and help people get what they want through Goodwill’s auction-based website.

If you have quality and expensive jewelry, you should seek local jewelry experts who will buy your jewelry for a good price.

Video games and toys

I bet you have got a lot of them, and now it is time to let all of them go through Facebook Marketplace or through already mentioned Goodwill, websites like Neatstuff Collectibles, etc.

If you have some really valuable items like vintage Cabbage Patch dolls, very old video games from the 80s or 90s, or a Victorian dollhouse, they belong to eBay or even online auctions. If you have something that can be really expensive, hire a specialist to evaluate it and only then try to sell it.


In our opinion, there’s no such thing as too many books. However, we do understand that sometimes people need to get rid of some written treasures.

The easiest way to sell a book is through Craigslist to find someone local interested in your stuff or through book resellers like AbeBooks. Don’t go to Amazon if you want to sell only one book because it will simply not be worth it: too much competition, and you need to pay 99 cents to post one book.

Another great option is to donate some of your books to the local library because our goal here is not only to make money but to declutter and organize space for new books!

Kitchen goods

Vintage cutlery, china, tea sets, salt and pepper dispensers, and silverware can be really expensive!

So, if you have something special, you can sell it at Replacements LTD, where people look for, you know, replacements for the broken dishes and lost silverware. If you think that your items will not be worth much, think about Goodwill or Craigslist once again!

In conclusion

The only thing that’s left to say is why we are so pre-selling your stuff online. It is simple: not only do you get money in return but also, you give your stuff another chance.

Tons of plastic things you find to be just garbage can find a second life in another person’s home. So why don’t you do the great thing for our mother Earth and give your stuff another chance instead of turning it into the trash in the landfill? That’s food for thought!

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