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Do You Need A VPN On Your Smartphone? Pros And Cons

Security while using the Internet on your smartphone is the promise of a VPN (virtual private network). This service uses private servers in undisclosed locations. It provides secure encryption for the data from your digital device to the VPN server.

Google Play is available on all mobile devices with Chrome OS and Android OS. You can use your Google Play promo code to purchase the VPN of your choice. But before you do, take time to know about the pros and cons of this service. Below are the pros and cons of having a VPN service on your smartphone and any digital device:

The Pros

Here are the advantages of having a VPN on your smartphone:

Privacy Protection

Your online activity leaves traces of your habits. Different companies want to have this information. They want to use your data for ad targeting and marketing projects. These entities include online shopping sites and even your own ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Using a VPN can help protect your privacy. Your encrypted traffic will block anyone from looking into what you are doing online. You can have your privacy with a reliable VPN on iOS, Android, or other devices.

Secure Data

Public and unsecured private Wi-Fi networks can allow hackers to take your information. Your passwords, account numbers, financial records, and addresses can fall into the wrong hands. The primary goal of a VPN is to stop this from happening.

It uses high-end encryption algorithms to provide complete data security. Data encryption allows you to become almost invisible while communicating, shopping, and transacting online.

IP Address Changes

Without a VPN, your identity and location are exposed. The website provider is able to see your IP address. It can use this data in future ad targeting projects. Using your Google Play promo code can help you get a credible VPN to change your IP address.

The information that passes through your VPN server, which has a different IP address. So, whenever you do anything online, the website can only see your VPN’s IP address. Yours will not be visible.

The Cons

The following are the cons of getting a VPN on your smartphone:

Voluntary Data Collection Has No Protection

A VPN cannot protect you if you give your personal data voluntarily to data collectors. This is a risk you take each time you provide your data. VPN is not a shield against harmful online behavior either.

Connection Slows Down

Routing your traffic and encrypting your information can slow down your internet speed. Fortunately, you can use your Google Play promo code to purchase a premium VPN. Using this type of VPN will make the drop in connection speed unnoticeable.

Free VPNs Are Unsafe

Choosing a free VPN can even make things worse for your online presence. These VPNs can help collect your sensitive data and sell the information to third-party companies. Then, you will be the target of ads each time you are online. Free VPNs tend to have small servers. This often results in a slower Internet connection.


Opportunistic people may get their hands on your personal data if you do not have the right online protection. Having a reliable VPN can relieve you of this type of headache. Using your Google Play promo code in purchasing a premium VPN service can help remove any threats to your privacy and data.

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