dorra intense fat burning slimming treatment

The Secret to Dorra Intense Fat Burning Slimming Treatment Is Revealed

Slimming treatment is a common practice in Singapore, and it comes with lots of benefits that seem too good to be true. A simple search on the internet reveals many before and after photos demonstrating the technique’s effectiveness in cutting belly fat. But many people do not understand the mystery behind the non-invasive way of shedding weight. Dorra Slimming allows you to lose up to 5cm in 60 mins experiencing no pain.

Non-invasive Weight Loss Treatment for Hips, Thighs, and Timmy

You are likely to fall in love with Dorra Slimming for two main reasons; first, it’s zero surgery, and second, it’s conducted in a clean, friendly environment. The technique does not require taking pills, injections, or getting into a crash diet program. One does not get subjected to any form of pain both after and during the process. Additionally, it’s conducted in a serene environment to make you comfortable.

The treatment is 100% external, while fat burning occurs internally when the slimming ampoules are gently massaged. Ampoules contain peptides that trigger a metabolic reaction called lipolysis, targeting dogged fat cells under the skin. The technique works in areas that prove problematic such as hips, tummy, and thighs. You will be glad to know you will not spend hours in the beauty parlor to burn stubborn fats effectively. It only takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The Process of Dorra Slimming Treatment

The process leaves you at ease as you will meet specialists who examine your body and recommend the best treatment to remove fats. Your body is scrutinized to determine the fat percentage, water, salt, and basal in the metabolic cells. A consultant goes through the results to help recommend the intensity of the fat-burning process.

A therapist takes over by first applying the slimming ampoule on the belly, creating a warm sensation. A handheld infrared device is used to massage the cream on your skin to help in breaking down fat in your cells. After 20 minutes of massaging, another ampoule is applied and rubbed by hand, targeting the stubborn cellulite.

After going through the process, you are advised to drink at least 3 liters of water for the next 3 two days to help clear the broken fat cells. Also, you will receive a C3 serum to apply on the upper thighs and tummy immediately after showering. The serum smoothens your skin and improves its water retention capability.


There are no pills, surgery, or injection involved in the process, but you will witness intense fat burning in your belly and thighs. You will probably feel a little sore on your tummy and redness because of pressing. It’s an average muscle ace that is okay from undergoing intense fat burning. The experience is equivalent to a low abs’ workout in the gym, only that these take place in a comfortable salon bed.

Your consultant will measure your waist before and after the process, and you will witness a 5.5 reduction on the abdomen. Such weight loss is hard to achieve with a couple of weeks of workouts targeting the lower bells. With subsequent secessions, you are likely to witness more significant results. Check some online reviews, and you will read inspiring results of clients who jumped from size XXL to minor in a month or two.

You do not have to fear the non-invasive treatment, as it’s easy on your skin and also on your pocket. First times receive special care to ensure the intense fat-burning slimming treatment works well and their questions are promptly answered.

In the first session, you will get instant results of losing 5.5 cm of your waistline and the promise of more weight loss in subsequent sessions. Although our bodies are likely to respond differently to the intense weight loss technique, you are assured of getting rid of excess fat in the stubborn areas with no exercise.

Aside from the intense slimming session, you can explore your body differently and get some lifestyle tips. The experts will advise what to eat and recommend you take lots of water to facilitate more weight loss. Thus, if you are looking for a comprehensive weight-loss treatment that is painless and fast, Dorra Slimming is the best technique for you.

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