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How To Dress Like A New Yorker? Style Rules You Must Never Break

New York attracts many tourists from across the globe. While you may not be one of them, it does not indicate you need to look like it!

Your wardrobe should be on point when you visit one of the top fashion capitals on the planet. After all, you like to blend in with the stylish locals but stand out when it matters. That suggests packing the best combination of high-fashion, trendy, and effortless pieces.

Below are the top accessories you need to bring that will make people think you have lived in New York forever:

Rule #1. Wear a Statement Jewelry

New York style is more likely to be minimalist. However, it integrates distinct touches to offer it some edge. You will find numerous ways to wear a statement necklace, whether with a simple dress, jeans, or a t-shirt. Vintage cocktail rings will surely uplift a regular outfit.

Rule #2. Collect More Black

Everybody must have black clothing inside their wardrobe, right? If you live in New York, you will get used to wearing it.

New Yorkers are extremely notorious for dressing from head to toe in black. That could appear a bit boring to people used to lighter palettes. However, there’s no need for you to get anxious about the darker side.

You can also mix up your textures. You can pair a sheer top with leather heels and get a velvety clutch to add much dimension to your overall look.

Rule #3. Bring the Sunnies

No matter if you are in the middle of the summer or have been up all night and want to hide your eye bags, a pair of glasses by Donna Karan is vital for any New Yorker. You will find different websites online that offer prescription designer sunglasses and eyeglasses. Always choose something contemporary and unique.

Rule #4. Grab that Coat

A stylish coat can make any outfit look sophisticated during the colder season. You may often see New Yorkers in trenches, well-fitted pea coats, and all types of outerwear styles. We recommend opting for a neutral color.

Rule #5. Don’t Forget the Heels

Ultimately, always consider footwear. The higher class of women can often be seen wearing heels, no matter what. That’s especially true, even though most like to match up to their casual outfits with trainers. After all, NY is a place where folks like to walk and take the subways instead of using cars.

Overall, the great part about keeping clothes simple is by spicing up basic pieces with bold accessories. Remember that New Yorkers take the time to pick the jewelry, bag, and shoes like adidas Yeezy boost 350, which best matches their destination or mood that day.

Hence, replace your diamond studs with a bold pair of earrings and trade in your regular bag for a funky statement item. After all, where else but NYC can you wear a red purse with a gold monkey hanging from it?

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