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The Perfect Time Of Day To Drink Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is one of the most worshiped teas in the world, available in almost every tea shop on the globe. It dates back to the 19th century and was named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, the British Prime Minister who was a big fan and consumer of this type of tea. There are several stories of how Earl Grey tea came into use, including the one where he received it as a gift from the diplomatic corps of China and brought it back to the United Kingdom.

Although the taste of Earl Grey tea is unique and a winning combination of black tea and bergamot oil, each manufacturer offers a specific and special blend, recognizable for the brand.

When looking for the best Earl Grey tea, you can also find its variants, which of course, offer you a different taste and a completely different experience. Each of them, whether it is Lady Grey (classic Earl Grey mixed with blossom aroma) or Earl Green (green tea with bergamot oil), can be a pleasure to taste at any time of the day.

Tea as a Healthy Habit Served with Breakfast

You can combine your sizable, energetic breakfast with the stronger taste of black tea. It goes well with French toast, omelet or toast with cream cheese spread and salmon. English breakfast and a cup of Earl Grey tea are a great way to stay full until the next meal.

Тhis type of tea can be sweetened with sugar or mixed with milk, you certainly won’t go wrong if you choose any of these two combinations. You can also try the London fog, an irresistible hot breakfast drink made of full-fat milk and a sweetener of your choice – vanilla syrup, honey or sugar. If you consume one cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning it can keep you fresh all day long.

A Great Digestive for After Lunch

If you are having a high-calorie meal, whether it be meat, fish or pasta, Earl Grey tea will help you with the digestion and reduce the acid reflux afterward. By drinking this tea and consequently speeding up your metabolism, you can make excess weight a thing of the past. Practice drinking a cup of tea after lunch at least a few times a week.

Earl Grey tea is also beneficial because it protects the oral cavity from bacteria disintegration after a meal while lowering the level of bad and increasing the level of good cholesterol.

It contains a sufficient amount of antioxidants that help the human body fight diseases such as cancer. Consuming this delicious drink can protect you from developing them as well as lower your risk of potential heart disease. It is believed that bergamot oil makes this tea good for the heart.

Afternoon Snack Tea Time

If your favorite tea flavor is Earl Grey then you can perfectly combine it with a fruit tart in the afternoon. Enjoying dessert with friends in a comfortable atmosphere complemented by this tea’s beautiful aroma is the perfect hedonistic combination.

Cheesecake is one of the most coveted desserts in the world. Although the classic plain cheesecake goes well with Earl Grey tea, fruit-flavored cheesecakes are recommended as well. The tartness of the tea makes all of those sweet flavors pop. Don’t forget about the perfect combination of butter cookies or biscuits with a cup of tea. Crumbly-textured biscuits like shortbread are also recommended, especially ones that have cinnamon or cardamom in them.

If your dessert consists of a fruit pie, creme brulee or chocolate cake, do not hesitate to consume it with this tea – tried once, but remembered forever.

Combined with a Light Dinner

There isn’t a single person who doesn’t love pancakes. In combination with Earl Grey tea, they can be a great choice for a light and quick dinner. You can even make pancakes in its flavor.

Waffles with maple syrup in combination with iced Earl Greу tea sound like a great combination. And it is so easy to prepare. Add the necessary amount of tea blend to boil in water for about 5 minutes. Then mix squeezed orange juice with sugar separately. Put the two liquids into a large jug and mix until you get the right consistency. Add cold water and leave it in the fridge to cool for at least another 2 hours. Sounds quite refreshing, especially if you want to stay cool on hot summer evenings.

The calming effect of tea can relax you and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. If you choose a natural tea like Earl Grey it will help you destress before you go to bed. Тhis tea also helps you stay well hydrated overnight.

Earl Grey tea can replace your need for drinking coffee in the evenings. It is a good alternative drink if you want to avoid strong caffeinated beverages.

In Conclusion

Earl Grey tea has been around for centuries and is considered as one of the more valuable drinks for your health and wellbeing.

In addition to being really tasty, it protects your immune system and is highly recommended for consumption during the day. No matter what part of the day or meal you consume it with, it will certainly leave your tastebuds happy and your body energized.

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