Ecdysterone: Does It Live Up To The Hype?

We live in a world with options or supplements available for everything. Unfortunately, this kind of development and opportunity can work in both ways: bliss or curse.

However, everything depends on the intention and practice of the human. We are leading in a world that is going through a revolution of technology, and health supplements are common these days for bodybuilders.

However, Ecdysteroids are mostly used by people who want to gain muscle mass in no time. This is not an appropriate process for our body, but it is not always possible to consider adequate protein intake through food.

This is where supplements work the best. So, there is an exception to food these days. Bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts use supplements to engage their passion and aggression to prepare for a better and quicker body-building process.

This article is mainly focused on Ecdysterone, a profound supplement for males, to decide its actual workability and safety.

What Is Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone is a kind of molting hormone that is commonly found in water animals, insects, and in few plants. However, these hormones control and consider various life cycles in an insect body.

One of the common male hormones is testosterone, and Ecdysterone works with a similar structure and features. Though there is no strong evidence to support this statement, we can say that this natural hormone controls the metamorphosis and ecdysis of arthropods.

Why do people use Ecdysterone?

Because this 20-Hydroxyecdysone is efficient enough to engage and maximize athletic performance and for other purposes like being used as a remedy to diabetes.

Workability Of Ecdysterone

There is a lot of research going on to escalate the efficiency of Ecdysterone. However, the workability of Ecdysterone is profoundly expressed through estrogen receptor-beta (ERβ) activation to archive lean muscle mass.

It helps to engage proper muscle protein synthesis with stimulations. On the other hand, ERβ engaged in stimulating muscle growth (skeletal) and also the regeneration of active satellite cells.

In a unique way, Ecdysterone can try to modulate immune function. Most importantly, it does not interact with the receptors of androgen. So it does not have any side effects (unwanted) or suppression.

The main aim and work of Ecdysterone are to gain muscle size and performance, and thus it is perfect for sports personalities.

Possible Benefits Of Ecdysterone

Well, the workability of Ecdysterone largely suggested its benefits to the male body. However, this is popular so far but not hyped at all.

How can we say that?

We can say this because it is an already-tasted product, and it has a few intriguing benefits together.

1. Improve Muscle Building

We have already discussed that Ecdysterone helps to increase protein synthesis. Therefore, it has the ability to provide you with proper muscle growth while you practice strength training. With the help of a high anabolic ratio, it is efficient enough to indulge muscle building.

• Produce red blood cells.
• Increase muscle formation.
• Engage amino acids for protein synthesis.

2. Assist Athletic Performance

Though not confirmed, supposedly, it was used by Russian athletes in the Olympics. From then, it is also known as the ‘Russian secret.’

Moreover, Ecdysterone not only helps to gain muscles but is also efficient enough to reduce hard work fatigue. On the other hand, with Ecdysterone, you can easily recover your muscle cells after the gym.

3. Support Immune Function

After all, Ecdysterone also helps to improve the immune system and support homeostasis.

With some kind of adaptogenic effects, these steroids can help you to cope with the stress your body takes every day.

• It helps to improve your quality of sleep by involving deep sleep.
• It has the power to tolerate thermal stress.
• With proper bone growth, it functions in cardiac issues.

Apart from these benefits, Ecdysterone is crucial for the purpose of anti-inflammatory effects.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Ecdysterone supplements are considered as safe in general until you are getting too much of a dose. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) monitored and suggested that it needs more information to determine if it should be used as a supplement or not.

However, it is not banned in America and can be used as a normal steroid for men. There are no concise side effects regarding kidney and liver toxicity.

So, is it totally clean?

Not really! There are some side effects that occur in other supplements as well. Common mood swings, hair growth, appetite, and sleep manipulation may occur due to the intake of the Ecdysterone supplement.

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