Useful Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Profile

enhance your instagram profile
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Whether you are an aspiring Instagrammer, or a thriving business trying to get your Instagram game to the next level, it can be overwhelming. Especially since this is 2020, and things are getting over competitive by the minute.

To stay on top of everything and reach your Instagram goal, you simply have to take some time to tweak a thing or two to make your Instagram profile growth-friendly.

Here are 5 tips to help you take your profile from OK to #Instagoals in a matter of days.

Check The Basics

First things first, you need to make sure you’ve done the groundwork.

This includes anything from switching to a business profile to perfecting your Instagram bio.

Turning the business mode on allows for many growth opportunities. Along with picking a category, you could track your progress with in-built analytics and do many more growth-oriented actions.

Your Instagram bio may be just fine, but let’s go through a checklist to make sure it’s perfectly optimized to help you achieve your end-goal.

  • Your profile pic is clear, on-brand and enticing
  • Your IG username is catchy, branded, and easy to remember
  • Your Instagram name is a combination of your username and a searchable phrase explaining your line of work
  • Your bio is fun, informative and creative
  • The clickable link in your bio is well-planned to promote your most valuable assets.

Once you’ve checked the basics, it’s time to enhance your Instagram profile further.

Treat Your Content As A Critical Engagement Factor

Think of it this way – what inspires people to follow and engage with their favorite IG profiles? The majority of times, it’s the over-the-top content that keeps them around. That’s the entire philosophy.

To be sure your Instagram content pushes your audience to engage with it, it needs to be at least two of these things: useful, relatable, and engaging if you can hit all three – even better!

Make sure it meets your audience’s expectations and conveys your brand tone. Of course, top quality of photos, videos, and IG Stories is a must.

You can click here for more info on what other elements influence Instagram engagement.

Be Smart About Your Hashtags

Many Instagrammers or brands get caught up in a trend of using too many super-popular hashtags (#love, #instagood, #tbt). Although beneficial, using too many popular hashtags, you risk getting your posts buried under the millions of others that use the same hashtags.

A smarter strategy would be to use a couple of the most popular hashtags and have the rest be more specific niche and branded ones. You’re competing for the top spots this way, but you’re also getting discovered by your ideal audience that looks for the specific niche brands you promote yourself as.

Be Generous

One of the best ways to promote your campaigns, products, boost sales, and engagement is by organizing giveaways and contests. The give something to get something logic works exceptionally well, especially amongst the Instagram crowd.

As the platform is growing by the minute, so does the opportunity to reach new audiences through giveaways.

All you have to do is:

  • Pick a prize and a duration of a contest or a giveaway
  • State the rules ( like, follow, comment, invite friends)
  • Watch the numbers roll in
  • Pick a winner
  • Analyze
  • Repeat


Finally, to enhance your Instagram profile, you need to be open to some comparison and some friendly competition.

The best way to get introduced to the new, relevant audience is to appear in the feed of the brands/influencers they already follow. This gives you some social proof and a recommendation.

The critical thing to remember here – your potential collaborators must have a relevant audience. Meaning, if you are a clothing brand, your best chances are with fashion and lifestyle influencers that have a slightly larger following than you.

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