Essential Tech Skills To Succeed During COVID-19 Lockdowns

essential tech skills
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Being in isolation has been hard for most people. After the COVID-19 outbreak began, the whole panorama changed, and people were forced to change their lifestyle. Some started to work from home, and others just became unemployed. It is a fact that these are rough times, but not everything is awful.

On the positive side, the tech innovations have helped companies move forward and prevent bankruptcy. Also, those who had the right tech skills were able to not only survive this crisis but also to step up and get better jobs.

Cybersecurity specialists, data scientists, and software engineers were some of the most demanded professionals after the outbreak began. They are now essential for companies to operate and provide better products or services to customers. Also, information is highly valuable, and for that reason, keeping safe gathered data is crucial for companies these days.

With these facts in mind, whether you are unemployed or not, here are some tech skills that are vital to succeed during this coronavirus situation.


JavaScript is a programming language that is used everywhere. It is primarily used in web browsers. For that reason, when people say that they haven’t used a device with JavaScript coding, or they haven’t interacted with Javascript, it is questionable.

Software engineers use JavaScript to develop sophisticated web solutions. For example, Paypal is a major company that uses the language on its website front-end. JavaScript provides excellent user experiences to customers, and for that reason, they feel engaged.

Also, other companies, like Uber, use JavaScript’s features to track driver and customer locations in conjunction with incoming ride requests in real-time. JavaScript allows Uber to accomplish essential tasks in small fractions of time.

Given these points, imagine learning JavaScript and earning $74K per year, fantastic, right? In effect, that’s what Flatiron School’s graduates earn on average per year. Flatiron School offers courses for people to learn JavaScript skills as well as other programming languages.

In like manner, the company provides its students with one-on-one career coaching sessions and mock interviews. To put it in another way, joining Flatiron School’s team is the right decision to launch a lifelong career in tech.

Web Development

Websites have become essential for companies to grow. They increase brand recognition, improve productivity, help companies save money, and extend companies’ local reach. For those reasons, web developers have been highly-demanded to help companies to go through these hard times.

In effect, websites not only increase companies’ profits but also educate customers by providing advice on products and services. Companies also use websites to find new employees as people can visit a company’s home page to apply for jobs.

Under those circumstances, learning web development skills will not only provide you with the right tools to land a job these days but also will allow you to work from home. General Assembly is a company that offers several courses where you can learn web development skills.

Also, the company allows students to take the courses either full- or part-time. In like manner, their classes are available in-person or online. Their hiring partners team includes major companies like Google, Microsoft, and more.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful technology that provides systems with the capability to learn from experience. In effect, they can improve or enhance performance by analyzing user inputs. For that reason, several companies across the world have started to use machine learning. It is because they can now analyze and interpret data to improve services and products.

Today’s products are better than before, as they can meet future customers’ demands. Major companies like Google are always looking for new hirings with machine learning skills as they have invested significant amounts of money in machine learning projects. It is because they provide services powered by machine learning like Google Translate, Gmail, Google Maps, and others.

For example, with the use of machine learning, Google’s Nest thermostat can know when homeowners want their houses to be heated, helping them to reduce wasted energy.

Thinkful is a company committed to your success. For that reason, the company offers courses where people can learn new in-demand machine learning skills. With Thinkful, you will not only learn job-ready skills but also you will be able to innovate the tech market. Their courses are from one to seven months long and are available online, as well as in-person.

Similarly, Thinkful students receive support from career coaches, industry-experienced mentors, and academic success managers.

On the other hand, for those with monetary challenges, the company offers financing options that can help them to start a new tech career today. When it’s about learning new tech skills, Thinkful puts students on the right path to actual professional realization to be part of the world’s next workforce.


Cloud computing has become essential for companies lately, as everything is stored in the cloud. Amazon has become the favorite for cloud computing services. For that reason, learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) skills has become a must for many professionals.

Also, several major companies use Amazon’s cloud service. In effect, as days pass, they need even more qualified employes that can manage data using cloud services. For example, data scientists are particularly valuable to companies as they are responsible for creating useful insights that increase company profits.

But, a data scientist without cloud computing skills might take a company further than its competition. It is because AWS offers features that make data managing tasks less time-consuming. An alternative to AWS is Azure. Azure is the frontline product of Microsoft which competes with AWS and Google Cloud. Learn more about Azure Managed Services and Azure VDI Pricing.

In Conclusion

As shown above, tech skills are the most valuable these days. For that reason, if you want to succeed during these hard times, you have to learn at least one of these essential skills.

In effect, you will be prepared not only to get a new job but also to face new coming challenges. The tech market is growing and evolving very fast, and for that reason, we must adapt.

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