evolution of lockers

The Evolution Of Lockers

You might have probably asked yourself the question of what prompted the man who developed lockers. Who knows, maybe he’s had his properties stolen, and he was moved to doing something so crafty to keep his packages safer? Who knew! But, irrespective of all those, you’d agree with me that lockers have proven to be more than helpful.

In fact, lockers are amongst some of those amenities that are probably underrated. The evolution of lockers, like every other story in history, could be dated back to about 2500 years ago in ancient Greece.

The concept of lockers began during the times of the early men, hosting competitions in training centres. Like every other training centre, there is the gymnasium where athletes could unclothe and prepare for sporting events, leaving their belongings behind in the dressing room. Some will most likely keep them in cubicles and others with security attendants in the building, and that was where the need for a “haven” for properties began to sprout.

The first generation locks

It’s no surprise that the oldest known lock is dated back to about 4000 years ago in Nineveh, Egypt. It is made of a wooden pin tumbler like the ones used by Ancient Greeks and Romans around 500BC and 300AD. The first generations of lockers were simply cupboards with padlocks and were once used in Harleton Green Gold Club in 1786 South Carolina.

On the other hand, storage lockers were found on a British warship in the victoria-era wreckage in 1848, and the first padlock was made in 1857. So, the entire concept of keeping one’s belongings safe has been a necessity since the dawn of time, and till now, there is still a need for them, even more, advanced ones.

Evolution into Locker Rooms

It is now news that lockers are usually those narrow storage-like facilities in dressing rooms, changing rooms, and storage rooms. Locker rooms are general spaces where you can keep your belongings without worries of theft. Some of these locker rooms might even have securities and attendants who look after your belongings till you come back to claim them.

The need for lockers has increased drastically over the years with the Locker market worth about 1.2 trillion dollars in 2019. Its growth is expected to exceed over 1.5 trillion dollars before 2024. However, there are several reasons behind this growth; however, one of the main reasons is the growth in recreational centres, amusement parks, health centres, banks, restaurants, etc.

All these public facilities need storage compartments and locker rooms. Therefore, there’s no place where you’d go without finding the storage facility or the locker room where you can keep your personal belongings before collecting them. Financial institutions like banks might ask you to keep your belongings outside before making entry, majorly precaution and for safety purposes.

Lockers of today

Modern lockers are made from several materials like wood, aluminium, steel, metal, or even fabricated wood. These lockers, however, come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and designs. Some might be manufactured, customised, or even ordered, depending on which suit your budget. However, it should be noted that lockers could be made according to the need.

So, you might not need a much-sophisticated locker in amusement parks like you would in banks. The same way the structure of the lockers has evolved in the same way the locking system has evolved too. While some lockers still use padlocks and keys, others use codes.

As mentioned earlier, where the lockers are situated matters when it comes to locking systems. Some lockers are such that they could only be opened with facial recognition and others voice recognition. To an extent, what is being stored in the locker could determine the level of sophistication.

If you are asking if lockers would go into extinction, they won’t. The reason is that humans will always have valuables to keep safe, and as long as there are still valuables, the need for stage facilities and lockers will continually remain relevant.

There are various lockers and storage facilities around you; in fact, some of them are such that you could find them casually built along with bus stations and train stations. All you need to do is visit the appropriate quarters, lockers, and storage facility owners now own websites where you can inquire how much a locker costs and how long you could keep your belongings before coming back for them.

If you are always on the road or you love travelling, you should take advantage of storage facilities around you instead of going through the stress of moving your personal belongings with you wherever you go.

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