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Effects of Excessive Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is overdone. Ever since the media started to show off celebrities with dramatic surgeries, more and more people have been following suit. Plastic surgery can be addictive for some, where they want to change their appearance every time they see someone else who looks better than them.

Plastic surgery addiction can lead to an obsession with one’s body image, leading to depression or even suicide if not handled correctly. Currently, plastic surgery is overdone due to media influence. This article will talk about some of the most common dangers that come with extreme plastic surgery.

Effects of extreme plastic surgery


A hematoma is a lump formed as a result of internal blood leakage after surgery. This often occurs due to scar tissue formation or even infection and can be pretty severe in some cases. It is advised that you wait at least two weeks before going back into surgery if this does happen.

Plastic surgery addicts

Plastic surgery addiction may lead to depression and suicide. People obsessed with their physical looks may want to change themselves every time they see someone they may want to resemble. This trend might go on and on, and in case they do not get the actual look they are after, they might get depressed and commit suicide.

Anxiety and paranoia

They are common side-effects for people who go too far with plastic surgeries. A lot of pressure comes from society about how women should look (and men), which only worsens these psychological issues over time. Plastic surgeons need to make sure patients do not develop an unhealthy obsession with their looks before performing surgery on them.


A seroma is a buildup of fluids in the surgical area. It often forms after an implant or liposuction and can cause infections if not treated properly. Seromas are easily treatable, with only some antibiotics required to clear them up. However, they should still be taken seriously as more severe complications come along with this side effect.


Plastic surgery scars will never go away unless you have them fixed via another surgery (which would cost even more money). Spots like these can make it difficult for people to get jobs. Many places require their employees to look professional at all times. Having prominent scars on one’s face could prevent someone from getting specific high-paying roles, leading to depression due to low self-esteem.

Skin discoloration

Plastic surgeons will always try to match the color of your new skin with your old one, but sometimes it’s just impossible to get this right due to previous sun damage or other medical conditions. People who have undergone more than three surgeries are especially prone to developing these problems since their bodies have had so many foreign substances injected into them over time (which causes permanent changes).


Rhinoplasty is a surgery that involves changing the size, structure, or shape of someone’s nose. This does not come without its risks, though, since it brings a chance for breathing problems and physical discomforts afterward. Plastic surgeons must be careful when performing this procedure because there have been cases where people cannot breathe properly ever again after going through one of these surgeries.

Nerve damage

Plastic surgery is a pretty delicate procedure, and there’s always the chance of something going wrong along the way. It usually only occurs in surgeries involving any incision being made, though (including liposuction). Nerve damage can cause paralysis or numbness if not appropriately handled by a professional who knows what they’re doing.

Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

These issues are caused by clots that build up in the legs and travel to the lungs, which can be fatal if not treated properly. Plastic surgeons advise their patients to walk around as much as possible after surgery so they don’t have any problems with this kind of complication later on. Individuals who undergo too many plastic surgeries are at risk of the diseases above.

Lack of feeling

After some surgeries (especially those involving implants), people will no longer feel certain parts of their bodies because nerves were cut off during procedures. This is especially true for breast implants where women might lose all sensation around this area since incisions had to be made before inserting artificial tissue underneath skin layers.

Plastic surgeons need to make sure they do not damage too many nerve endings while performing a procedure, or else their patients could end up with this kind of complication later on down the line.

Lack of mobility

Plastic surgeries can take a lot out of people, and surgeons need to make sure they give people enough time to recuperate before expecting them to return to everyday life (which includes going back to work). If not given enough rest after surgery, individuals might find themselves developing severe muscle or joint problems that will be difficult if not impossible for them to overcome without professional help.

Organ damage

Plastic surgeons will always try to do their best when it comes to performing surgeries, but sometimes there are unavoidable complications that occur during the process. There have been cases where people had to get specific organs removed because of damage done by surgery. Otherwise, they would die from infection later on.

One of the main effects can occur after individuals go through too many plastic surgeries in a short amount of time. It’s essential for patients who wish to undergo this type of procedure only to see qualified professionals, so they don’t end up with any problems afterward (potentially fatal).

It has been repeated repeatedly: Plastic surgery is overly done these days, with many adverse outcomes attached to it. If you do decide to go under the knife for whatever reason, make sure you go through all possible options first before making your final decision about which surgeon to choose from.

The last thing anyone would want after spending thousands on plastic surgery procedures is developing severe psychological problems due to low self-esteem (which occurs in some individuals who go through this kind of surgery).

While extreme plastic surgery can drastically improve one’s looks in general, there are always adverse side effects to keep in mind before you do something like this, no matter how desperate you may feel about your appearance at times. Make sure that if you’re thinking about getting some work done on yourself, you take time out beforehand to consider all possible consequences to avoid any problems that could be potentially fatal in the long run.

Plastic surgery is overperformed these days. You need to make sure it’s adequately handled by a professional who knows what they’re doing if you decide to go under the knife for whatever reason because there are so many adverse outcomes attached to this kind of procedure nowadays.

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