How To Exercise At Home When You Can’t Leave The House?

exercise at home
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The recent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the whole world upside down. It affected the regular lifestyle of all individuals, and somewhat degraded the quality of life.

Now, we are not just required to wear masks everywhere we go, we also need to maintain our distance from other individuals. In fact, with the gyms shut down, many individuals are compelled to compromise with their health.

Experts claim that a regular exercise of at least 150 minutes per day is essential to stay healthy. And in such grave times, it is important to not take your health for granted. So, do not wait for the gyms to reopen. Start your workout at your home. Here’s how you can do it:

1. No gym? It’s okay – YouTube is there for you

YouTube has come out as a blessing in the times of Covid. For educational purposes or DIY needs, there is nothing that YouTube cannot help you with. So, why not exercise? Yes, YouTube can help you in this aspect as well. Many fitness freaks and trainers have a channel on YouTube.

Start with watching their videos and following their instructions. It is not just easy but very convenient as well. Day or night, YouTube by your side.

2. Find a companion

Nothing feels like a burden when you have someone accompanying you. Especially, for a task like exercising which often feels too hefty, having a companion is a great way to start with.

Take your husband along with you or your kids. If you are the only one, group up with your friends on a video call and enjoy the often “tiring” workout session at home.

3. Be creative in your approach

No matter how much the importance of regular exercise is emphasized, we all have days when we sulk to workout. Especially at home, with a lack of gym equipments and buddies, it seems more like a monotonous task than a fitness necessity.

That is why, while working out at home, it is always necessary to stay creative and find fun ways of exercising. Go ahead, buy some cheap gym equipments online and start exercising. You can also look up some workout programs like the Warrior Babe program of Nikkiey Stott to try out a new routine at home.

4. Gardening is a good idea

Many people have a phobia when it comes to exercising the standard way. They cannot lift a dumbbell in the name of exercising, but will happily do household chores that are equally tedious. One such household chore which we all love to practice is gardening.

Watering the plants, sowing seeds, making mud beds, and what not! And believe me, it fetches the same result as that of an intense workout. So, if you do not like exercising the normal way, it’s alright to indulge in gardening.

5. Dance off those calories

Another such activity which is just as beneficial as exercising. If you are a professional dancer, or even if you are someone who likes jumping around the house on beats – you have got your daily dose of exercising covered.

It is scientifically proven that dancing is a great way of working out. So, in times like this when you are at home and not willing to exercise, dance will be your best alternative.

6. Skipping

Probably the most fun and effortless way of exercising at home, without much investment. If this lockdown has taken a toll on your pockets and you do not feel like investing in expensive gym equipments, invest in a skipping rope.

It is not just cheap, but also a very amusing activity. Take your kids along with you when you go for a full-blown skipping session. They are not just going to love seeing you do it, but are also going to take part in it actively.

Over to you…

Exercising at home needs additional motivation. But, in the current situation of this pandemic, it is very important to take better care of our health. Therefore, exercising at home becomes important.

Here, we listed some simple methods through which you can achieve a fitter body by exercising at home. Go ahead, follow this handbook and enjoy your workout session at home, along with having some quality family time.

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