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How Can I Find My Soul Mate?

Ere you can find a soul mate, you have to find yourself. You should know and love yourself before you can meet someone who will enrich your life.

Arrange your dream of finding your soul mate from which you expect a spiritual union? Don’t let fate take control; take care of it yourself, because when you have a  soulmate, beautiful things can happen.

You must first grow aware of your values and find inner harmony to achieve emotional, psychological, and spiritual connection with a soul mate. Kasamba has good ideas to help you to find your soul mate.

Only when you define your principles and know precisely what you want can you find a person in harmony with your soul. You have to give your best, because as the saying goes: you get what you give.

Then you will find various tips that can help you find a soul mate.

1. Set Clear Priorities

Different experiences fill a “backpack” with emotions, happy events, love stories, or difficult or sad moments in the course of life.

They are lessons that everyone must learn to move forward, get to know themselves better and find out what is essential in life.

You have to set priorities and try to look at negative situations or people you encounter from the outside. Mistakes are there to be read from but should not be repeated or persisted.

2. Enjoy Your Journey, Your Life, And Yourself

Stop looking and let yourself be found! If you have fun in your life, yourself, and your fellow human beings, you will be seen by soul mates.

Take your time to escape the hectic everyday life. Enjoy the here and now,  the small, beautiful things in life, and give surprising coincidences a chance!

People who love their trip and themselves know how important this is. They are more receptive to the things that happen around them.

3. Emotional Maturity

Don’t try to find someone to forget your loneliness, heal past wounds, or fill your emptiness after a failed relationship.

Don’t look for the impossible or set yourself expectations. Your goal should be a warm relationship in which you can build essential trust.

• It’s easier when you know exactly what you want.
• Emotional maturity is also significant in finding a kindred spirit.

If you would like someone by your side who is responsible, empathetic, independent, loving, and a good listener, start by being and acting like this yourself!

4. Find Your Soul Before Looking For Your Soul Mate

How do you find your soul? Echoed introspection and try to find harmony with yourself and your environment. Because nobody can give something to others without loving and knowing oneself.

Unbalanced people quickly become dependent on others because they don’t know what they want or need.

5. Listen to Your Intuition

Intuition is often defined as the voice of the heart, but it is much more than just that.  We speak of a gut feeling, the mirror of our subconscious, the true essence,  which consists of your memories and personality. Listen to your intuition!

When you meet a soul mate, your intuition will bring it to your attention. Trust your intuition, your sixth sense.

6. Grow With Your Soul mate And Be Receptive

Does the dual soul even exist? Is It Right To Believe In Soul Mates? The answer is yes, but keep a few things in mind:

• A soulmate is not just a person with the same interests. It’s not a copy of the better half.
• It is a person with whom one can form an emotional unit. This magical connection enables you to see the universal love within you.
• It’s not about being the same but growing together through deep understanding.
• Soul mates go on a journey together but still retain their individuality.

A soulmate is a person we always want to have by our side, which allows us to build up a bare trust that nothing can shake.

Meet Your Soul Mate: An Earthquake

However, it happens that the encounter with the soul mate resembles an earthquake, which deeply shakes our psychic landscape and leads us beyond the borders of the supernatural.

“When this man entered the place where I was, I felt an inexplicable feeling of unease: I believed I had a heart attack,” says Sabrina Philippe, clinical psychologist, a teacher at the ‘School of practicing psychologists of the Catholic Institute of Paris (EPP) and specialist in couples.

As soon as we spoke, I had the sensation of recognizing him. He didn’t meet my usual criteria at all, but it felt like I’d been waiting for him all my life. Yet, nothing in common with the standard attachment processes.

No need for words, looks, gestures to understand each other, to the point that, very quickly, bringing the bodies together seemed useless and even a little ridiculous. Strange phenomena began to occur: flashes of clairvoyance, premonitory dreams. I saw him perform actions.

The phone made it possible to verify that I had been right; I visualized his apartment before I even went there, etc. I felt like I was going crazy. He felt similar phenomena. He was afraid of it, and there is something: you are in a state of trance, you no longer control anything.

I was thinking twice as fast, and ideas were coming to me in bursts. My knowledge of psychology did not allow me to analyze what was happening, to put a name on it. It took me years to say to myself, “I met my soul mate” in the spiritual sense of the term, and that was not obvious to me, who had no taste for spirituality at the time.

From the psychoanalytic point of view, such a feeling of joy mixed with anxiety, with an acceleration of thought, of ideas, is called a “manic state,” but here, this diagnosis can not constitute an explanation. As for the telepathic phenomena which invaded Sabrina Philippe and her “double,” they would refer to the primary link with the mother when the young child is in direct contact with maternal emotions.

For psychoanalysis, this belonging to the realm of the imagination: nostalgic for the mother-infant fusion of the first months of our existence and seeking our lifetime to find it, we invent this ideal figure of another with whom we could communicate without resorting to words, and that would protect us forever from lack.

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