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Tips to Find Superior Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets are number one for a reason. They have a timeless style, a harkening to a pure time in history when technique took precedent over superficiality. The crisp lines of Shaker kitchen cabinets transcend traditional through contemporary layouts. Shaker cabinets can form the centerpiece of your entire kitchen and become the heart and soul of your space.

However, buyers beware. Quality ranges widely with Shaker cabinets, so it is crucial to ensure you purchase only the best cabinetry. The first step is to find a reputable seller, like Walcraft Cabinetry or the RTA Store. When you hunt for Shaker-style cabinets, there are some clear-cut ways to make sure you are purchasing high-quality models that will meet your needs.

Quality is in the Materials

Superior materials lead to outstanding cabinets. You’ll want to find companies incorporating durable hardwoods such as oak and maple, dovetail drawers, and top-notch joinery.

Many kinds of woods used in top-notch Shaker cabinets today are sustainably sourced, clean easily, and last for a long time.

Ask How Shaker Cabinets are Constructed

Another essential piece in locating the ideal Shaker kitchen cabinet is the cabinet construction. The Shaker style is straightforward, but it is more complicated than using a single flat slab of wood. The standard Shaker appearance is a flat door with unassuming rectangular framing. Many Shaker cabinet doors involve multiple-piece manufacturing.

Yet, even with warp-resistant wood varieties, trim work is vulnerable to shrinking or shifting as the years go by. This can cause Shaker cabinets to expose finish defects as trim work disconnects from the cabinet door.

The secret to minimizing warping is to use the right mixture of procedure and material to lessen it. Often, the best prevention against warping and shrinking is to create the doors from one piece of wood. With this approach, you can prevent the trim from shrinking or moving during the cabinet’s lifespan. If you look at reputable kitchen cabinet companies online, you can get a reasonable price and resilient material combined with one-piece construction.

There is more to superior construction than the cabinet doors. Quality sellers will offer cabinets constructed with dovetail joinery in drawers, durable paints and finishes, and advanced features like soft close hinges.

The Sweet Spot in Shaker Cabinets

If you are looking to find high quality combined with the right price, look no further than ready-to-assemble (RTA) Shaker cabinets. In an RTA cabinet, you can keep costs down by assembling the cabinets yourself. RTA cabinets conveniently arrive at your doorstep; all you have to do is open them up and put them together.

RTA cabinets provide customers an option that can keep you within your budget. You don’t have to be an expert cabinet maker to put them together. They are not the simplest project, as you need to build them perfectly, but they are a great challenge for the up-and-coming DIYer. Most RTA cabinets arrive prefinished, with pieces and parts efficiently packed.

If you choose to try the RTA method, prepare appropriately. Ensure you have the required tools, like a hammer, cordless drill, screwdrivers, rubber mallet, tape measure, and level. Before you know it, you’ll have the Shaker cabinets you’ve been dreaming of in your kitchen.

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