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Is Fort Worth A Safe Place To Live?

This is almost universally true, there are always some neighborhoods within a city that will be a bit riskier to live in. Fort Worth is also no exception. While it is, in general, a very safe place to live in overall, there are some neighborhoods where you should exercise caution at the bare minimum.

Fort Worth has a whole host of different kinds of neighborhoods. This will range from communities predominantly occupied by college students to communities where there is a larger concentration of professionals. As mentioned above, Fort Worth is easily one of the best places to live in, but let us take a look at some of the neighborhoods that you ought to avoid if possible.

Neighborhoods to Avoid

The website Road Snacks have been able to create a model by which they rank the safety of particular neighborhoods. According to them, the following are the most dangerous places to live in Fort Worth.

• Eastside, 95k+ population, the average value of homes is $108k+, the average income is around $50k

• Southside, 56k+ population, the average value of homes is $83k+, the average income is $37k+

• Northside, 44k+ population, the average value of homes is $68k+, the average income is $37k +

• Sycamore, 40k+ population, the average value of homes is $85k+, the average income is $44k+

Now that we know the neighborhoods we ought to avoid in Fort Worth, let us take a look at some of the better places to live in Fort Worth. There is a reason that this city has been ranked as being one of the best in the country. Hopefully, after reading through the rest of the article, you will see exactly what we mean.

Best Neighborhoods

When you take a look at just how hot the entire housing market has become and add to it the increased cost of living, you will quickly underside why so many families are moving to Fort Worth. This particular city is chosen by many families over other alternative urban areas.

Fort Worth ranks at 21 out of about 125 metro areas. It really does not matter if you are looking for a high-rise condo or a homely suburban landscape, at Fort Worth you will be spoiled for choice.

If you do decide to move into Fort Worth, it will be worth your while to look up movers in Fort Worth. They can really help you with making the whole moving process much easier and smoother.

Let us take a look at objectively the best places to live in Fort Worth:


Southlake is only about a half-hour away from the city centre. This is a place that is particularly well suited for the younger professionals as there are so many things to do in this neighbourhood. You will also have access to its really top-notch public school systems to the many daily events that take place at the Town Square.


Keller has quite a reputation and it has been named as one of the best small towns to live in America. In fact, it has been bestowed this award three times in the past decade. It has also been able to garner a lot of national attention for its urban conveniences and small-town roots. Keller will also be able to provide you with a really good schooling system and some of the best sports facilities in the city.

Arlington Heights.

This is yet another highly rated neighborhood in Fort Worth that is pretty close to downtown. This means that residents of this neighborhood will have good accessibility to everything that they might possibly need. This is also a very safe place to live in and it has been ranked as being safer than about 93 percent of cities in Texas. This neighborhood also has the privilege of being able to claim the title of the best and most liveable neighborhood in the entire city.


The heart of Fort Worth, its downtown neighborhood, has approximately 25,000 people residing in it. This has been ranked as being one of the best downtowns that the entire country has to offer. While it is true that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on things to do, another remarkable feature of this part of the city is how clean and safe it is. This is in spite of being the busiest part of the city.


Another excellent neighbourhood in Fort Worth, Wedgwood has about 86,000 people currently residing in it. It is both an extremely comfortable and also a friendly place. There is literally an abundance of all the amenities you would expect from an excellent urban neighborhood. Gyms, schools, parks, grocery stores, libraries, etc will all be very close to you. If you and your family really like urban life, this neighborhood will be absolutely perfect for you.

Moving to Fort Worth

After having gone through all of the above, you ought to be able to recognize that Fort Worth is a pretty safe and exciting city to live in. Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the country and it is easily also one of the best places to live in the country.

When preparing for your big move to Fort Worth, you really ought to get in touch with professional moving companies. We cannot stress enough how much this can help you when relocating to a new place with all your worldly belongings.

Professional moving companies can help you significantly lower the stress of this entire operation. If you are unsure about which moving company to choose, just google Fort Worth Movers. This will give you all the information you need in order to make sure you choose the right moving company for your needs.

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