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The 10 Best Free Legal Directories For Law Firms

Legal directories are a great way to get your law firm’s name out there and allow potential clients to find you. It increases your client base and allows you to show your expertise to stand out from the competition.

What Are Legal Directories?

If you’re searching for a reputable law firm, checking for a presence in online legal directories is an excellent place to start. These directories provide access to attorney profiles and contact information for more than one million attorneys across the country.

While there are many famous sites for legal directories, not all of them are free. For instance, Rank Legal allows you to search for the most suitable lawyer based on location, expertise, and client reviews. First, however, you need to be mindful that not all lawyer directories are free.

What Are The Benefits Of Legal Directories?

A presence in online law firm directories is suitable for your exposure. It can potentially help attract new clients or referral sources that busy attorneys may have otherwise unnoticed. It’s also an opportunity to present yourself as more professional than other firms without a web presence on popular search engines.

Some of the advantages of using legal directories include:

  • Build your online credentials
  • SEO backlinks
  • Local SEO
  • Lead generation

It’s crucial to weigh your options when deciding what directories are best for your law firm. There are various online profiles and listings that you can choose from, each with its unique benefits depending on the purpose you want them to serve.

10 Top-Rated Legal Directories For Lawyers

Some online lawyer directories are better than others. The following is a list of top-rated free legal directories and the benefits to each:

1. is a great place to start your online research for lawyers to find the best match for you and your legal needs. It provides information about finding an attorney, filing a lawsuit or small claims court case, researching laws and regulations, locating law schools that grant certificates in specialty areas of law such as elder care law, family law, tax law, etc. All of this information is free to access and use on the website.

2. Avvo is a free online resource for finding, rating, and reviewing lawyers in your area who specialize in the type of law you need assistance with (i.e., family, criminal defense). The site offers detailed profiles on thousands of attorneys, including ratings from clients and an attorney’s experience level and areas of practice. 

3. LegalZoom

LegalZoom provides you with information on starting and running your own business as well as finding an attorney for more complex legal matters. In addition, LegalZoom offers affordable health, life, home, and car insurance quotes along with personalized trust services such as wills, living trusts, and estate plans.

4. is a great online resource for finding an attorney, legal forms, and information about the law. It offers free articles on a wide variety of state-specific topics in addition to its many books available to purchase or download for free.

5. Superlawyers

Unlike other directories, this site offers a rating service for attorneys. The rating system is based on peer review and nominations from other members of the Bar association who have used their services.

Superlawyers requires that a person be an attorney in good standing with at least seven years experience to qualify for membership, so you can rest assured knowing only experienced lawyers are nominated and voted into this directory.

6. is a directory for finding attorneys in your area who specialize in the type of law you are looking to get help with (i.e., family, bankruptcy). The site allows you to search for an independent lawyer by practice area or location affiliated with any specific firm or group of firms.

7. enables you to create your profile for free and become part of the Martindale-Hubbell network. The site contains thousands of legal articles, books, forms, news reports, law firm profiles (i.e., lawyers bios), attorney ads in addition to a lawyer directory with listings by practice area or location.

8. Justia is a free legal resource that enables you to search cases and opinions, compare law firms, or hire an attorney in your area for help with the type of case you have. 

In addition, the site has several online tools, such as email alerts when new court documents are created related to a specific topic or case name, which can save lots of time if you want up-to-date information on a particular subject matter.

9. LegalMatch

For those looking for a specific type of attorney in your area, try, which matches you with a lawyer based on your specific criteria. The site offers free membership and allows users to rate their experience and the overall service provided by an attorney so other users can be more informed about what they are getting into before paying for legal services.


With over 1.2 million unique visits each month, is one of the most visited sites for finding an attorney in your specific area. The site offers free membership and contains information about how to find legal counsel and lawyers who specialize in different practice areas.

Final words

Building your online presence is one of the best ways to get more clients. Legal directories can help you increase your visibility to potential clients, which means that more people are likely to find you and the service that you offer.

It is essential to build relationships by networking online through legal directories to attract clients who will benefit from your service offerings. It’s also crucial that you have a good idea of how these sites work to take full advantage of them when looking for new leads and opportunities where your firm can help out those in need.

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