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4 Benefits Of Fulvic Acid And How It Can Improve Your Health

With so many options of food supplements easily available, one might get confused and become sceptic in regards to what’s helpful and healthy, and what’s not. The recommended action is to get your needed nutrients intake from food, but it is not as easy as it seems.

There is a particular reason why this is not so easily achieved nowadays. Recent studies have shown that the soil’s quality has decreased exponentially, which means it has lost most of its properties that are beneficial for your health. For this reason, vegetables and fruits, although organically grown, still lack in vitamins and minerals needed for an organism to be healthy.

In this case, food supplements are the only way to give your body what it needs to function properly. Such a supplement good for your body could be fulvic acid, as it is highly natural.

What is it?

You might have heard about fulvic acid before but are not sure of its composition and how it can improve your health. To understand what fulvic acid is, it is important to discuss soil organic matter briefly. This is the result of plant and animal decomposition, which produces fertile components, such as humus.

Furthermore, this aforementioned humus has its own components known as humic substances, one of which being the fulvic acid.

Given that it is found within the soil, this fulvic acid is an exceptional plant fertiliser, non-toxic, and therefore unharmful for humans. Not only that, but it can be beneficial for humans, as its properties have the ability to support chemical reactions within the body and allow for better nutrient absorption.


Many illnesses and health issues can be traced back to nutrients and vitamin deficiencies. Given that fulvic acid can increase them to an optimum level, there is little doubt it has many health benefits, such as improving the overall well-being or more specific problems.

Therefore, fulvic acid may help improve health issues as well as prevent certain conditions, or deal with pain if you’re recovering from a recent surgery.

1. Improved immunity

It is vital you keep your immune system in good parameters and try not to neglect taking care of it, as its main and most important role is to fight any infections and diseases.

When you have a stressful and busy life that makes it difficult to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet, boosting your immune system might be necessary. More often than not, people are turning to supplements to give their immune system a function increase.

Apart from lacking the time to keep a healthy lifestyle, there is also the issue mentioned above concerning vitamin-deprived food, due to soil depletion. Fulvic acid consists of 70 trace minerals that work together to increase cells’ lifespan and improve the person’s well-being.

Moreover, there is also shilajit, a substance extracted from Himalayan rock, which highly consists of fulvic acid and has many beneficial properties as well. Research has shown that taking shilajit can improve the condition of patients with HIV. Although there is still much to be learnt about it and cannot be used as a cure, this substance can still have health benefits.

2. Better digestion

A healthy metabolism requires good assimilation of nutrients, and fulvic acid contains the needed minerals to combat the digestive system’s issues. It is bioavailable, so it has the ability to pass the liquid minerals quickly through your cells and reach the required destination effectively.

Compared to other supplements larger in size, fulvic acid is able to transport these minerals faster. This is due to its ability to serve as a catalyst, enabling chemical reactions and helping digestive enzymes break down food, and hence, being essential for better digestion.

So, if you suffer from a digestive disorder or poor gut health, fulvic acid or shilajit supplements might alleviate the symptoms and maintain your good health.

3. Brain and cognitive health

You can often find it difficult to fulfil the smallest tasks due to exhaustion or prolonged sedentarism. If your lifestyle doesn’t include being physically active, it can easily become too much for your body to handle, and you start developing concentration problems. Having a well-balanced lifestyle takes time. However, fulvic acid may help you find that balance, as research has shown its properties can improve your cognitive skills.

What’s more, studies have revealed that fulvic acid usage has helped decrease a person’s predisposition towards Alzheimer’s disease. This works because this substance and its composition can help stabilise the central nervous system by decreasing harmful plaque, which can cause the disease.

4. Higher energy levels

Life can get pretty hectic at times, and it becomes harder to juggle with work or study and find a balance between your professional life and social needs, like meeting with friends. When these busy periods happen, it is only natural that your energy level decreases, which can drastically impact your performance and general state of mind.

For this reason, many students and professionals tend to take energy boost supplements to be able to do it all. It is important and good for your well-being not to burden yourself with too much work. However, if it happens, it is understandable you turn to vitamin supplements to help bring your energy to an optimum level.

Fulvic acid might the most natural option, and its properties can boost your energy levels as well as improve your immune system, all without affecting your health.

Although fulvic acid is known to have a positive impact on overall health, a vital recommendation would be to take into consideration any specific requirements you might have. People have different metabolisms and lifestyles, so make sure you do your research and that this supplement is right for you.

So, we suggest consulting your medical provider, who knows your medical history, before taking any supplements. If fulvic acid has been beneficial for you, your medic will be able to help with the right dosage, as it is important to avoid overconsumption.

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